Coffee, shopping & The Hangover 3

Good morning friends!!  I hope your weekend is going really well.

We’re off to a slow start because someone got called into work at 1:24am to save the world while someone else stayed in the warm, comfy bed.  I’ll let you figure out who did what.  Ha!

Yesterday Mike & I hit up the mall for the Memorial Day sales.  And of course coffee, duh!


These cow coffee mugs at Pier One made my day.  I think I need to go back and pick one up for Mike.  Winking smile 


I love shopping with Mike because I am fashion inept.  Are yoga pants, tanks & Sperry’s still in?  I sure hope so. 

I am super picky with everything clothes and 99.99999% of the time choose comfort over fashion so when Mike showed this top to me, it’s definitely not something I would have picked out.  However when I tried it on I loved it.   I even wore it right out of the store.  Don’t tell me you never do that.  Undergarments are an exception.  Winking smile


On our way out we noticed a semi sheer top on display with a fancy lace bra top.  Since I live in sports bras, this is a fancy step up without being considered real people clothes. 


I choose both the white & dark pink.  They are adorable.bratop2

After wandering around the mall we hit up the movies to see The Hangover 3. 


If you liked the first 2, you will love the third one.  Mike & I agreed it wasn’t as funny as the first two, but still worth seeing since they brought a lot of closure.  What did you guys think of it?

Movie theater popcorn with extra butter & salt is a necessity in the book of Jacqueline. 


Especially when you come home and have a glass of fresh green juice to wash it all down.  Now that’s balance y’all. 


Mike fired up the grill and smoked pork chops & corn on the cob.  So pretty much the worst vegan dinner ever.


What type of clothes do you live in?

Comfort or fashion?  Or both?

What was the last thing you bought at the mall?


12 Comments on “Coffee, shopping & The Hangover 3

    • Oops sorry I forgot to mention that…Hollister. If you click on the pic it should take you to ’email. Have a great day!!

  1. Comfy clothes are my favorite kind — comfy and flowy. Living in the FL humidity requires light and airy clothes in the Summer months 😀

  2. I’m all about “comfy”…it’s the best part of my day, when I get home from work and put my sweatpants on!!! CRR and I were watching an episode of Brig Rich Atlanta yesterday…and a few of the girls went on a “weekend” getaway to the lakehouse…you should see what they packed – full on ball gowns to dress for dinner – I turned to CRR and asked her – would you ever think to pack a ball gown to go to the lakehouse for the weekend…as she stared down at what she was wearing (sweatshirt and sweatpants), she replied “I am at your lakehouse…and clearly – NO”…lol

  3. I definitely prefer comfy, but I work at home so I can get away with that! The last thing I bought at the mall was a bright orange bathing suit. I love it!

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