Forced to pick out a Coach purse & free entertainment

Happy Memorial Day friends!  Thank you to those who served, continue to serve and those who gave all for our freedom.  The bravery and love you show to our country is nothing short of incredible.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  <3

memorial day


The other day I told Siri to find an outlet mall.  To my surprise she found one in Livermore that I hadn’t heard of before.  For the record, that chick get’s me lost and the wrong information all the time.  Even in Cupertino-where she was created. I know.

Mike heard about it, so we did a little road trip to the east bay to check out the Livermore Premium Outlets.


I didn’t realize it’s practically brand new. It was so beautiful and to my surprise there were a lot of higher end stores with actual outlet prices.  So basically stores I only window shop at like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman because I’m cheap.

There were lines outside stores like Kate Spade & Prada with security guards.  It was crazy.  Clearly the recession hasn’t affected the bay area.

Mike surprised me with a trip to the Coach store.  I tried to talk him out of it, but he forced me to pick something out.  I even tried talking him out of it while waiting in line at the register.  I love that boy.

I went with a smaller size and absolutely love it!


A little closer…


We walked around for awhile.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Le Creuset outlet store before?IMG_0160

Wow, it’s pretty impressive.  I’m pretty sure Mike wanted one of everything.


On our way home we decided to check out downtown Pleasanton just for the fun of it.  They were having an antique faire so we walked around for a bit.  The weather was perfect so it was nice to be outside enjoying it.  We’re expecting rain today, talk about random.


One thing I love about the bay area, is the character these towns have.  Since Mike refuses to grow up, he has to touch everything.  Just another reason why we get along so well.  Winking smile


We came home and Mike fired up the BBQ.  He grilled a couple cheddar & bacon burger patties from Whole Foods while we watched the Shark’s game.  I am a big hockey fan.


I also turned on the police scanner.  It’s my free entertainment.  Turns out there was a pressure cooker bomb scare a couple miles away from us.  It took the PD & bomb squad over 3 hours to figure out it was nothing.  So fun to listen to.


Are you into name brands or high end stuff?

It depends, I love my Nike & Lululemon gear but I’m not typically into name brands.  I’ve come to realize the older I get, the more quality means to me.  I’ll still search out a deal.

What is your cheap or free entertainment?

Besides the scanner, making fun of Mike, laughing at Bam & people watching.  I’m a gem.


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  1. I am definitely a “High/low” girl. (Mostly low because I am poor…) I can rock my LV purse with Old Navy pants and Forever 21 shirt. Love it! I have learned things like purses you need to spend to money on and keep it classic. They will last forever. Then have fun with the cheap trendy stuff!

  2. This makes me miss living in the Bay Area so bad! It was a great place to grow up. I need to go back and visit but I don’t see anyone throwing their doors open to let a crazy runner and 2 one year olds stay with them!! Oh and my husband haha whoopsies forgot about him! We’re a real party, ha!
    It cracks me up that you have a police scanner! I’m with you on the people watching!

    • You need to come visit!! I’ll take you guys in. I’m sure we’re just as crazy. 😉
      And yes I did that scanner. It was a Christmas gift from Mike several years ago and never get’s old.

  3. Yessss for a new Coach bag! I suffer from “I love the expensive stuff but really have anxiety about paying for it!”. If it’s classic pieces, LV, Coach bags, Ray Bans, etc. I think it’s worth it. Police scanner sounds like a win. Our free entertainment is getting the dog riled up & chasing him around the house. Nothing says fun like 2 adults & a 90-lb. doberman acting like fools 🙂

    • Oh gosh yes, that’s why I tried to talk him out if it. But it’s something we hardly ever do and I got over 3 years out of my last Coach purse, so it’s worth it.
      P.S Can I come live with you? Y’all sound like so much fun.

  4. I love Coach! I only buy Coach now, even my hubby sports a wallet or two! Super cute bag you picked! My cousin actually works at the Hugo Boss outlet in Livermore! Have you been downtown Livermore? It’s super cute.

    • It’s so funny because I didn’t even think of another brand or store until after the fact. So I totally agree with you, Coach rocks!
      We did not make it downtown, thanks for the heads up, we’ll have to hit it up next time.

      • Did I really use “super cute” twice in one post? Wow! Yeah downtown Livermore has some great little shops, restaurants and cafes…and of course Starbucks…although I’m a CBTL lover!

    • Yes, you should! There are more higher end stores there but I think the deals were pretty good. Have fun!

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