My running routine

Hello!  How are you doing today?

I’m feeling much better.  I had a headache yesterday so I took it easy and chilled out in our big comfy bed with a chick flick last night.   


Mike worked late, and 7 minutes after he came to bed he got called back into work for an emergency.  So this morning is off to a slow start with lot’s of coffee.

Not sure what the plan is today but I’m sure we’ll find some trouble to get into. 


Since running isn’t as simple as lacing up a pair of shoes and heading out the door, I thought I’d show you what I typically do before and after a run.

I didn’t snap a picture, but I always have cinnamon raisin toast, coffee & water about 2 hours before.

If it’s hot out or a long run I drink a glass of Gatorade or Nuun.

Then I put my gear on, wash my face and apply sunscreen. 

Next up lot’s of stretching.  


Out the door.  I run a different route every day, yesterday was warm because this blonde waited too long so I choose the shadiest spot at Google.  Bonus: there’s a water fountain centrally located there too.


I also feel really safe. 


Plus I get to make fun of traffic violators.  Ha ha!  <-in the Nelson from The Simpsons laugh.

See a dead squirrel and wonder if I should tie a get well soon balloon around it’s tail.


The run went a lot better than I expected and I was happy to come close to my 5 mile goal.  I averaged a 9:23 pace per mile.  I’ll take it!

Come home all red faced, hot & sweaty feeling like I can ninja kick the world and make an ice cold watermelon Nuun. 


Sit in the nice cool shaded community backyard and watch Mr. happy Mc. happy Bam chase squirrels. 

Wonder who will come out and try to tell me I need to put Bam on a leash.


{Instagram pic}

Text PT ninja and ask if this is where the IT Band is located because it aches a half mile to a mile into a run then disappears. 


Stretch and foam roll.


Think about all of the unattractive positions foam rolling can bring.

Snap a picture of said unattractive pose.  Because if you don’t take a picture, it never happened right?


Do 2 strength training exercises.


{Old pics}

Finally make first lunch.  I love fried eggs after a run.  Today I seasoned them with a little sea salt & smoked paprika.


Paired with a big spinach & feta salad.


Eat a blueberry scone, take probiotics & calcium.

Take a shower and get ready for the day.

How do people with real jobs, kids & a life do it?  Y’all are rock stars!

What is your running routine?

What do you eat after a run or workout?

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever seen on a run or ride?


9 Comments on “My running routine

  1. I run on my lunch break on days I’m in the office, and whenever I can find someone to watch the kiddies on days I’m not in the office.
    I almost always have coffee about an hour before a run, sometimes a Clif Bar. Post-run I have a protein shake and (usually) whatever I made for lunch.
    On my long run today I saw two new forms of road kill, both of which made me jump and yelp…first was a snake, and the second one was a bat!

    • Eeek you saw a snake!? I have a serious phobia of those things. I always tell Mike, a good snake is a dead snake. Ha!

  2. I bet the balloon would’ve made everything better for that squirrel ha!
    I sorta wonder if I’m the weirdest thing people have seen out running…it’s pregnant me, pushing a jogging stroller with twins and my golden retriever leashed around my arm. I have gotten more than a couple of comments!
    It’s that way or don’t go at all, though, so I choose to take the herd! I COULD leave the dog home but she would die of a broken heart. It was her and me waaay before all these kids started showing up 🙂

    • Awh I bet you are so adorable!! I love seeing people like you out & about. Y’all don’t let anything stop you.

  3. I usually go to work at 6:30 am so I don’t have time to do anything beforehand. In fact, I have to lay out my clothes, etc the night before like I used to do in school!
    Being a firefighter we get an hour a day to exercise at work (unless it’s busy) so I try to run then. We have trails behind our base so it is always a bit of an adventure run (mud, fallen trees to jump over, a bear or two on occasion).

  4. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying reading your shenanigans 🙂 Plus, I relate to you in so many ways, even down to the IBS/stomach issues that I struggle with daily.

    I work down in MV and I was wondering exactly where this running path is?

    thank you!

  5. leć – odparował Odpowiednia usługi dźwigowe.
    Frodo. – Jak i również owo sądzę, Enos [] przed

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    Wiedział, że nie dysponuje działki a był na siebie wadliwy, Frodo go zignorował.

    – Że owo nie jacyś. Nie wydaje się w ten sposób, wzorem
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    Uprzejmie usiadł na rozprowadzeniu, unikając gwałtownych ruchów,

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