Burgers, memorials & plank a day challenge

Good luck to my friends that are racing today!

Did I tell you guys that we got our car out of the shop last week?  Anyway it looks amazing.  Then last week it had a dead battery so I drove the SUV.  I got quite a few angry elf looks from “environmental friendly vehicle” drivers while I was cursing around with the windows down listening to country music.  #sorryimnotsorry     

Mike replaced the battery so fun times are ahead!

While we were out, we stopped into The Counter. 

They had you a clip board to check off what you want on their create your own menu.

Mike choose a bison burger with cheddar, grilled onions, roasted red peppers on a pretzel bun.


I went with beef, cheese, roasted red peppers, extra pickles & mild green chilies.  We both agreed they were really good.


After lunch Mike replaced the battery and we were back in business.  Top down, cruising on the 101 until we hit a heat wave.  It went from 80 degrees to 94 in less than a couple miles.  The microclimates are crazy up here.

The other night Mike heard that police were searching for an old fella that has dementia and is mute that wandered off in a park.  Mike went out in the middle of the night to help search for him and stumbled into Operation Redwings Memorial at Cupertino Memorial Park.  (They found the fella the next morning safe thank goodness.)



It’s a tribute to an operation that happened in Afghanistan that went wrong.  It included US Navy SEALs as well as US Army Night Stalkers.  Mike even saw a memorial for a member he served with which was sad but really nice to know these people are being remembered.


It’s such a peaceful, beautiful place.


After walking around for awhile, we were looking for a nice place to cool off and ended up at Agave. 

Water me.


I normally don’t drink, but the bartended sold me on a refreshing cucumber & lime refresher.  I think it had fresh cucumber water, fresh squeezed lime, tequila, agave & sprite.  This lightweight had about a quarter and gave the rest to Mike.


Mike fired up the grill and made creole chicken and veggies.  Since I’m a tool in the kitchen I was in charge of slicing the bread, prepping the fruit & veggies.  You know, the stuff it’s impossible to screw up.


I joined these cats in doing a plank challenge for the month of June on Instagram.  Here is my time for yesterday.


If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to have you.  If you’re not on Instagram, you can still participate on here and Twitter. 

We’re using #plankaday

What is you favorite refreshing drink? 

Who’s joining the plank a day challenge?


0 Comments on “Burgers, memorials & plank a day challenge

  1. I will join in the #plankaday challenge. I tried to do this before but didn’t share with anyone.

    • This is awesome!! Are you on Instagram or Twutter? Leave your handle so I can follow your progress. Have a great Sunday!

      • Sundrop0724 on Twitter. Did my first plank for the challenge tonight!

    • It was really refreshing! I can’t believe you’re rocking the #plankaday challenge!! You are amazing woman.

  2. Both that drink and the pretzel bun look especially delicious! I really like to have ice cold sparkling water with a bit of lemon juice. So good.

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