National running day, plank variations & a dog-cow

Happy National Running Day!!  How are you celebrating today?

Since I ran yesterday, I have a massage scheduled and a trip to Starbucks after.  Cheers!

Basno   National Running Day 2013 Badge   Jacqueline Pendergrass Newton

I saw this make your own I run badge on Facebook last night and had to make one.  If you want to join the fun, you can make one here.  All the cool kids are doing it.

About that run, I did 3 miles around the ‘hood.  It wasn’t anything to write home about.  Maybe one day I’ll learn to get up earlier to beat the heat but, yeah that hasn’t happened yet. 


Came home, went into clean freak mode and scrubbed the entire house.  A clean house feel so good, amiright?  Especially slipping into fresh, clean sheets.  It’s all about the simple things.

Before I hopped in the shower, I did day 4 of the plank challenge.  Bam wants to participate too, but I think he needs to work on his form.


Here’s the one from day 3 that I forgot to post.


Tina has a great post with 22 different plank variations.  I’ve been doing them in the push up position, I never knew there were so many variations.  I’ll definitely be changing it up to keep it interesting.  Does anyone know which form, if any is the most effective?

Speaking of Bam, my buddy lays out in the sun every morning.  Mike & I make fun of him because it’s so hot he comes in huffing & puffing with his tongue is hanging out but he still goes back outside.  Every summer the faint spots on his belly get a lot darker.  I call them his summer spots.

Here’s a picture I took while giving him a bath yesterday.  I sent it to Mike titled dog-cow.  Little knuckle head.  



A little inspiration for today.

Don't give up

Fill in the blank; I run__________

Which plank form do you practice?


0 Comments on “National running day, plank variations & a dog-cow

  1. Oooh thanks for the link to the plank variations! I’m trying to do a different one every day to keep things interesting and engage different muscles! I like that we are following eachother on Instagram! (I’m Jillyruns)

  2. I’m not a big coffee drinker. I run so I can drink beer. And wine 🙂 But mainly I run because it keeps my alter ego (Evil Psycho Mom from Hell) from making an appearance. She’s not a pleasant person to be around!

  3. I run because it makes me skinny…no seriously, I run because I makes me feel strong and confident. I’ve been doing the plank a day challenge and I do them on my forearms. I found that the push-up position fatigued my shoulders too much. I’ve also made it a plank-a-day and 50 push-ups a day (not consecutive, but maybe some day) and I feel stronger already!

  4. I just joined your blog. Reading this motivates me. Definitely gonna plank again today. Nice to see the bamster is planking too.

  5. I do my planks on my forearms…and I sure sweat like a motha’ when doing at bodypump – they made us do side planks as well…who’s bright idea was planking anyways…lol 😉
    #plankaday #plankon

  6. Forearm planks for me.
    I run for pizza. And beer. And nachos. For my own personal fulfilment. But most of all I run to make sure that my wife and kids have a healthy Hus/Dad for years to come…I love those little buggers too much to not take care of myself.

    • Oh yes pizza!! Love me some pizza. Dang it now I’m hungry.
      I adore your passion for taking care of yourself for your family.

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