SUP & the Alan cry

Happy Wednesday!!  I hope your week is going well. 

Yesterday I crossed something off my bucket list I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, Stand Up Paddleboarding.  (SUP)

I thought the only places that offered it in our area, were Capitola or Half Moon Bay, but on our walk the day before we popped into the park and was surprised to see they offered it for the same price.  Plus it’s less than 2 miles away.  Guess where I’ll be this summer!


Why do I feel like if I’m not running, I’m not working out?  It’s so weird because this is a total body work out, no joke!


Risking my marriage by taking my iPhone out with me was so worth it.  I mean, we all know that if you don’t take pictures, it never happened, right.


Lu fell off 3 times and I still can’t even figure out how she managed to do that.  The boards were wide and steady, must have been those spider legs.

After an hour, we came back to shore & broke into our packed lunch.  A cold Asian Chicken salad that I made the other night.  It hit the spot.


The wind picked up, and little miss I fell off the board 3 times – okay me too, wanted to pack it up.  The girls in the office were so nice, they gave us a pass for the time we didn’t use so we could come back another day.

So this summer, you will find me out on the SUP, running or at Starbucks.  It’s shaping up to be an awesome summer!

We’re still doing the #plankaday challenge.  I’ve noticed a huge decrease in my time after exercising.  My legs & arms shake and feel like jello.  Both great feelings!


The candy totally got me through this one. 


All week Mike, Lu & I have been cracking on each other well, because that’s what we do and our new thing is to do the Hangover 3 Alan cry when one of us stub’s a toe or someone complains or cries about a first world problem.  Or sometimes at random. 

Hangover 3 Alan Cry

I’m going to do this the next time someone that lives in this vortex of control freaks we call home tries to tell me what to do again.  I am sure their reaction will be epic.

Then I’m going to start talking in # hashtags.

Is there something weird/random your family does?

Yes, we don’t have the space here to go over everything.  We are a bunch of weirdo’s.

Ever tried SUP?

What was the last thing you crossed off your bucket list?


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  1. Everything my family does is weird! We are a rowdy bunch. When I read your blog it reminds me of our shenanigans. I have tried SUP and love it! My family used to have a vacation home in the Florida Keys and we’ve done it down there. We got to see small sharks and iguanas swimming from mangrove to mangrove. It was awesome!!

    • Isn’t it the best?! I don’t really have a recipe for it, I kinda just wing it, but I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  2. I cried like that the other day when i found a big lizard in the flower box. i do not like repiles.

    last thing i crossed off my bucket list was running Bay to Breakers in SF this past April. what a great experience. i would love to try SUP but the thought of me in a bathing suit…ugh.

    My weird fam thing… i’m the youngest so whenever i go home to visit suddenly i’m treated like a 12 year old and cant do anything for myself. WTH?

    yes, recipe for the salad please!

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