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Summer 2013 bucket list & blog link up

Posted by on June 25, 2013

Good Tuesday morning to you!! 

Mike & I were talking about thing’s we want to do this summer.  We’re pretty excited about it.  We have so much fun together so I can’t wait to hang out & explore with my BFF.


Here’s our summer bucket list:

  • Try new to us coffee shops.  Mike & I love coffee so much, it will be so fun to explore new shops together.  This is something we always talk about doing, but alas they don’t offer a gold star.  Winking smile  A few we have in mind are Peet’s Coffee, Phillz & Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


  • Run a race.  I love racing, it helps keep me motivated and it’s just plain fun.


  • Vacation at the beach house in Pismo Beach, CA.  Most of the year the beach house sit’s unoccupied, so there’s on excuse not to.  Plus we LOVE the Central Coast so much.  It’s our dream to live there after Mike retires. 


  • Shop at a farmers market.  I don’t do this as often as I’d like but every time I go, I love it.


  • Go wine tasting.  Mike & I just got into this and there are a lot of wineries we want to check out.


  • Visit Napa.  This is something we’ve always talked about doing plus only live an hour away so it’s finally time to do it!


  • Go to a concert.  We always talk about doing this, but I’m too cheap to buy tickets.  Now that it’s in writing, I’m on the lookout.
  • Try something new.  It’s no surprise that I’m a creature of habit, so this will help get me out of my comfort zone.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

It’s been awhile since I did a blog link up, so if you have a blog, link away!!


0 Responses to Summer 2013 bucket list & blog link up

  1. Mandy

    Running a 10k as I train for my first half is on my summer bucket list! I’ve run a 10k, but never officially! Oh, and trying Leinenkugel’s canoe paddler beer :) Love your blog! I can be found at http://www.therunningbesties.WordPress.com.

  2. Cafroline

    You have a beach house? I’m very jealous!

  3. Dani @ Run Daniella Run

    I want to enjoy this summer to the fullest. I lost somone so special to me last summer and it opened my eyes to how short and beautiful our life here is and I just want to get everything out of it that I can. I want to learn to live in the moment and enjoy each season instead of anxiously awaiting the next one :) I am excited for this summer! Just need to remind Oregon that is officially summer now. http://rundaniellarun.blogspot.com/

  4. thedancingrunner

    Vino tastings are so much fun! Such a nice summer treat :-)

  5. Katrina Rojas

    Fun stuff!! We are heading to Pismo this week – if you are ever there on a Thursday evening you need to hit up the farmers market in San Luis- it’s a blast!! We plan on wine tasting at Eberle in Paso Robles on our way home too;)
    My summer bucket list–trip away with just the hubby (a concert in July) – a girlfriend shopping trip to the garment district in LA l(lots of fun haggling) a trip to Vegas to see my sister 😉

  6. running4cupcakes

    Yeah for summer to-do lists!! Whenever I hear Pismo beach – I think of Clueless and the Pismo Beach disaster! 😉

  7. Kelsey @ Fueling Strong

    You have to experience Napa. I went for the first time in December, and I’m in love. My parents even bought a vacation home there, so we are already planning our next trip. Maybe when we go we could do a little vino tasting together!? I want to run one of the races in Napa. I mean wine at the finish line…sold!

  8. kepotts

    Awesome bucket list! Visit Napa would be a vote by me for sure! We are visiting Vermont for a friends wedding & staying in a B & B, something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do :) I blog at http://katieenpursuit.wordpress.com Fun link-up!

  9. Laura

    A beach house that sits empty most of the year?? How do I get myself there?? Haha! I grew up in CA and I’m dying to go back someday.
    My summer bucket list..well, im pregnant and have 1 yr old twins so does just surviving count?? Mostly joking…
    I hope to keep running for the next month or so, we spend a lot of time at parks and go to the pool every once in a while. That’s about all I’m up for!

  10. Lizzie

    Here is my blog in all its lame-o-ness! http://www.rogue-runner.com/

    Can I come to Napa with you?!

  11. gorunjess

    Beautiful! I love having a bucket list to work from. I create one each year! gorunjess.com

  12. Rachel

    On my summer bucket list is to just get through school without having a mental breakdown. It’s been 2 years since I graduated college, so I feel like I might have forgotten how to be a student.

    Pismo Beach is absolutely stunning. My brother went to Cuesta in SLO for three years, so we always made a trip to Pismo whenever we visited. Also, the Mountain View farmer’s market is probably my favorite in the entire state of California. One of my very best friends lives in Mountain View (her husband works at Google) and we go to the farmer’s market whenever I am visiting.

  13. Kim

    Hooray for the beach house and wine tastings!!!
    High on my summer list – try CrossFit.

  14. Whine Less

    On my summer bucket list is tagging along with you! I’m not even kidding. Your list sounds awesome!

    This summer is to be spend in the pool as much as possible. And building up my running! I want to explore several new trails.


  15. Karen L

    My Summer bucket list has as #1 Find a White Wine that I like. I only like RED but live in TX and that can be so heavy when it is 110 degrees out. #2 Train for the Houston Marathon that I GOT INTO………you can read more about me and my training on my blog. Love your blog. Thanks so much.

  16. Karen L

    My #1 thing on my Summer bucket list is to find a white wine I like. I only like red but live in TX and it is 110+ degrees here. Too hot for red. Need some white ideas. #2 is Train for the Houston Marathon. You can read more about me and my training at
    Love you and your blog. Thanks for sharing all your great adventures.

  17. Jill C.

    You should definitely start tight roping. Then you and Mike can join the Wallenda family and walk across the Grand Canyon! You can follow me at: ajourneytoalifewelllived.blogspot.com

  18. lynn

    I’m a wildland firefighter so I can’t have a summer bucket list…just to make it through the season I guess! I have made winter ones.

  19. Maria Zimmerman

    OOOH I have a blog


    AND I just posted about my bucket list too!

  20. Betsy

    I need to think of my summer bucket list. We’re doing the SF & Napa thing this year, but I think a trip to Sequoia National Park might be in order too.

  21. grm059

    Throw a 31 party, go on a float trip, get my house organized, have a winery day with my mom and sister, run a late-summer 10K – LOTS!

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