Given enough coffee, I could rule the world!

Happy hump day!!  I hope this week is treating you well. 

Have I ever told you guys that I do my best thinking in the shower?  Seriously, I could solve the worlds problems and come up with the coolest ideas and when I get out, Mike knows he will be forced to give me his undivided attention so I can share my brilliant ideas with him.  He is sooo impressed.  <-I hope you are sensing my sarcasm. 

You guys I am disappointed in myself.  I have never dedicated one single post about coffee.  How could I not share my love of coffee with you?  So fellow coffee addicts lovers this one’s for you!


Have I ever told you I worked at Starbucks right out of high school?  That probably doesn’t surprise you, right.  Winking smile 

On the rare occasion when we had a little down time, we were encouraged to pick out a pound of any blend off the shelf.  Starbucks gave all Partners a “Passport” which is a little coffee diary.  I’d put the blend stickers of every coffee I tired in it and a few notes.  I think I’ve tried every single blend they had to offer.

My favorites are Kenya, Breakfast Blend, Verona and Sumatra.  The only one I don’t care for is Pike’s Place.

2012-11-16 11.47.22

I’ll never forget the experience of opening a bag of fresh coffee, smelling the heavenly aroma and pulling out the French Press.  I’d carefully weigh the dark, oily coffee beans, a sure sign of freshness, then grind them and put them in a Press.  Next I added hot water and set the timer for 3 minutes and patiently waited for the magic to happen.

I’d look around the store for a customer and/or a fellow Partner who I thought would like to join me in a tasting.  I always found someone to enjoy a cup with me.  We would sniff, slurp, taste as if were doing a wine tasting.  Then talk about the flavors we enjoyed.  Earthy, bold, fruity, blueberry, cedar…

This is the time that my love affair with coffee occurred.  While it was definitely about enjoying the coffee, to me it was also about the experience. 

I’ll always remember those days and the great times I had being a Starbucks Barista.  

Ingredients in popular coffee drinks:

Americano:  Espresso & water

Latte:  Espresso & milk

Cappuccino:  Half espresso & milk, half foam

Misto:  Half drip coffee, half steamed milk

Doppio Espresso:  2 shots of espresso

Mocha:  Espresso, milk, mocha topped with whipped cream

Caramel Macchiato:  Espresso, milk, vanilla syrup & caramel sauce

Red Eye: Drip coffee with 1 shot of espresso

Black Eye: Drip coffee with 2 shots of espresso

Misto Americano {in pic below}:  Half water & espresso, half steamed milk

Tuxedo/Zebra Mocha: Half white chocolate, half mocha, espresso topped with whipped cream.  {Can also be ordered without espresso for a hot chocolate.}

The amount of shots and pumps of syrup depend on the cup size.  Of course every coffee shop has different sized cups, but Starbucks hot cup sizes are as follows: Tall-12 ounces, Grande-16 ounces, Venti-20 ounces.  The cold cups are the same size for Tall & Grande, but their Venti is 24 ounces and Trenta-31 ounces.

2012-12-02 11.39.04

Fancy schmancy coffee terms

Skinny Vanilla Latte:  Non fat milk & sugar free syrup

Skinny Mocha:  Non fat milk & no whip cream

Float:  To add a shot of espresso on top.  Most of the time this applies to Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Now let’s talk about my favorite espresso drink of all, the Starbucks Double Shot. 


This drink is total In-N-Out status.  It’s on their secret menu that doesn’t exist.  Yeah, it’s that cool. 

Because they took it off their menu, newer barista’s sometimes don’t know how to make it.  But because I love you guys and want what’s best for you, I am going to give you the recipe.

In a shaker cup add a cup of ice & 3 pumps of classic syrup.  Pour 2 shots of espresso over the ice and shake it.  Pour into a tall cup and top with soy milk. 

Shaking the espresso is key to taste and foam.  It’s like a coffee martini-shaken, not stirred. 

I always order a decaf Tall Starbucks Double Shot with classic & soy.  The Grande & Venti sizes never taste the same.

Starbucks did not sponsor this post, but they should.  Winking smile

What is your favorite coffee drink?

What is your all time favorite coffee shop?


0 Comments on “Given enough coffee, I could rule the world!

  1. Girl, I’ve never had coffee before…not a sip, swig, taste or even an accidental droplet. Can instill read you blog?

  2. I’m not a coffee drinker in fact I’ve never even tasted it haha but I love that you have found something that you love, I feel like I can relate this to my love of peanut butter(the real stuff).

    • Oh my gosh this is crazy!! No worries though, I’m not into fro yo and it seems like every blogger loves it. Ha!

  3. Well I AM a coffee junkie…the stuff pumps through my veins! Starbucks is my fav, for their consistency if nothing else. You can go anywhere in the world and know what kind of coffee you will get. My fav brew at SB’s is Komodo Dragon; I’m a big fan of rich, dark, bold coffee. I also love using my SB-issue insulated French Press at home; it makes two and a half mugs that stay nice and hot long enough to enjoy it all.
    Coffee is about experience too…to me my morning coffee is about more than a kickstart to my day. If I’m in the office it is a chance to sit over a cup at SB’s with the guys. At home it is my way of easing gently into the day and sitting with the iPad to get caught up on the news (okay, blogs and fantasy baseball, who am I kidding??). And up at the cottage it is sitting in the quiet of my porch with a good book before the world has begun to stir. The experience.
    Okay, I guess I kind of went on a bit…but I really love coffee! Maybe I should copy/paste this comment as a post on my site, it’s almost long enough haha

    • One question-why do I have to live so far away from 3CR???? I guess it’s because we’d never get any work done between eating cupcakes, shopping at Lulu & sipping coffee.
      Dude, I totally support you doing a post on coffee too.
      We could talk about this forever and a day.

  4. You are really a coffee genius! I felt like I was reading a foreign language here because I’m not a coffee drinker

  5. My favorite coffee drink is a Starbucks Tall Caramel Frappuccino Light with a shot of espresso. I’m going to have to try that double shot, secret-menu drink for sure!

    I live an hour from any Starbucks so I’m going through withdrawal all the time. I like them best for consistency, but that’s only because my all time favorite coffee shop – The Coffee Ground, which was in Columbia, MO – no longer exists. They not only had the BEST frozen espresso drink I’ve ever had in my life, but they also had these amazing sausage and cheddar scones that were to-die-for. I get the scone and the coffee drink as a special treat once a week. Sadly, Starbucks actually probably ran them out of business when they moved in about a block away. ;(

    Alas, I still love Starbucks and would prefer all espresso drinks over just plain coffee though I still do drink that.

    • The shot of espresso with a Frappuccino balances everything out, right! I remember them being too sweet for me, but adding a shot was the way to go.
      That sausage-cheddar scone is right up Mike’s alley. I’ll have to Google a recipe for them. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Starbucks had been marketing a Blonde Roast (Veranda is one, Willow the other, but I think Veranda has been renamed True North) here in Canada to better capture the ‘Canadian’ taste… I like it, I bet you can’t get it in the US (I could be wrong).

    • We have the Blonde & Willow and I like them both too. They’re not as bold but the flavor it great. I’ll have to look for the True North, you may be right about that one. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Okay, I’m a coffee “newbie” (love it, but am still learning to love the complexities of it!)….what’s “classic syrup”? Coffee-flavored?

    I heard the person behind me order a “double-shot” this morning and I wondered what that was! Now, I must try!! 🙂

    • Well you came to the right place! Classic syrup is basically a plain sugar water. There are no flavors added like vanilla.
      If you love the flavor of espresso, def give the Double Shot a try. Just make sure they shake it up over ice, that totally brings out the flavor in a major way. Let me know what you think!

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