Is it possible to get rocking abs on a low fiber diet?

Rise & shine!!  How are you doing?

I’ve been thinking about my summer health & fitness goals lately and while running will always be apart of that, I have a couple others I’d like achieve. 

Confession: I am totally an abs girl.  I think a nice, tight, lean mid section is so hawt. 

They show off a lot of hard work and dedication.


Of course abs take a lot of hard work, effort and clean eating.  We all know that old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” but what if you have to stick to a low fiber diet?  I wonder if it’s even possible to achieve? 

Guess I’ll have to find out.

This is something I have always wanted, but I never actually committed to making it happen.  It’s a good thing I love a challenge!  


So for the month of July I am going to try and focus a little more on ab work and eating clean.  I think the clean eating is going to be the hardest part for me since I need to stay between 15-20 grams of fiber a day. 


But I don’t think it’s impossible!


In true SCB fashion, I am going to keep it realistic because this girl is not going to give up her chips anytime soon.  Winking smile 

I think health and fitness goals should be attainable, realistic and long term.  I’ve never been into cleanses or crazy fad diets.  Heck, if I’m going to throw down a ton of killer hard work, I want to make sure I can sustain it!  


If you’re interested in following my progress, let me know and I’ll be sure to add a few updates.  If not, that’s fine too.  We can still talk about running and coffee since I kinda love those too.  Smile

Any fellow rockin’ ab lovers out there?

I’m open to workout & clean eating suggestions, so please send them my way!!

What’s your summer health and/or fitness goal?


33 Comments on “Is it possible to get rocking abs on a low fiber diet?

  1. I love love love working on my abs! I take an “Abs Express” class every week – I wish it was everyday!

  2. Yesss i love abs! I just recently started doing some videos from youtube for abs otherwise i give up way too fast! Definitly give out some updates!

  3. Yes to abs!! 🙂 I need to burn off some lingering chub before I can see mine…

  4. I love abs, I totally agree that is shows off hard work! When it comes to core fitness I think the biggie is to realize its CORE not just abs. So things like planks, doing stuff on a stability ball, KB swings, push ups, it all gets your core and makes it tigher. The eating will really make them shine! I will totally dedicate the next month to some uber clean eats and ab tasticness. Let’s do thisss.

  5. I have been doing Core and ab work-outs 2-3 times a week for 15 to 30 minutes – I have a rock hard core, the only prob is the extra 10 pounds of “fluff” covering it up!!!! Definitely excited to read about your progress as I “de-fluffify” myself!!!

  6. I’m interested in your progress, for sure! I find your blog to be both entertaining and inspiring. Plus, I love Bam. 🙂

  7. I’m with you, I think abs are sexy! I don’t really “do” ab workouts like I used to. But now I’m a fitness instructor, so I get my ab work in when I’m teaching my classes. Still not the same as doing a routine myself. I usually only do about half the ab routine (to correct others form, give modifications, etc), plus I’m talking through it (not exactly inhaling and exhaling correctly). Despite my lack of work on my abs, I’m still rocking a pretty lean, slightly chiseled mid section. Not bad for a mom of two little ones!

    • Wow, you look amazing!! I love seeing folks like you who have kiddos bounce back. It’s even more amazing when they are in better shape post kids.

  8. I noticed a big difference when I cleaned up my diet. More so than when I did a lot of ab work. I would keep your ab routine except incorporate something new into your routine each week but really focus on the diet. You will see changes for sure.

    • Thanks for the tips! I have a meeting with my PT ninja next week and can’t wait to pick his brain too. Have a great evening!

  9. Love me some abs but I’ve never been able to get the definition that I want…. Would love to see how it goes for you!

  10. Please let us know if the diet works. Since turning 50 i find it so hard to lose weight. I seemed to have developed a food baby or menopot or something. so frustating. i’ve got 5 half marathons and 3 10ks from August- December so i’m hoping all the training helps. Any tips would be appreciated!

  11. My aim was to have some defined abs by the end of the summer. Now I think that might be putting off too long. This post came just in time : ) I’d love to hear what you’re doing and eating to get there!

  12. Your abs already look great, if that top picture is of you!
    I just discovered Pop Pilates on youtube (the website is Blogilates). Killer ab workouts (and other pilates ones) for free! Yay.

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