Ta da!

Whoa, I did not anticipate that disappearing act this morning. 

Ta da! 



Friends, so much has happened in the last 24 hours, my head is still spinning.  Actually it aches right now.

We were planning on taking Lu home tomorrow, but got some really exciting news yesterday afternoon and with everything being so crazy around here, I asked her mother (we get along really well) if she could meet us halfway and before I knew it, 42 minutes later we were on the road.


{Old pic, but wishing it was a beach day}

And what are the odd’s Starbucks would be the halfway point?!

I enjoyed it even more today because our coffee pot broke this morning and I was too busy getting ready to enjoy a cup Mike made. 

We are still in mourning over here.

RIP Coffee

I really dislike it when people lead you on, but as soon as things are set in stone, I promise to tell you all about it. 


Your excitement over the ab challenge yesterday is amazing!!  I am really loving your enthusiasm! 

Since I not mart, it’s a good think I know someone who is, so I called in my PT ninja to spill his secrets to getting hawt abs.  No seriously I told him “make me hawt.” 

Poor Jeff.

I have an appointment next week to pick his brain and will share all of the deets with you guys. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!

Share the last exciting news you got!


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