Exploring Monterey & Cannery Row

Good Sunday morning to you!!  How’s your weekend so far?

We played tourists on Cannery Row in Monterey yesterday.  Mike say’s he has taken me here before, but somehow I don’t remember it.  Weird. 


Because we’re old, we got there early and scored a parking spot in the shade so Bam could bark at people passing by chill out while we went to breakfast. 

We ended up at The Fish Hopper, which turned out to be an excellent choice on Mike’s part.


This was our view over breakfast, plus the weather was incredible-70’s.  I can totally live with it!


We saw scuba divers, kayakers, sail boats, a stand up paddle boarder, sea lions and a pelican that just caught his breakfast, a big fish.  This is so us & we did not want to leave.


I had the bacon, egg & cheese croissant.  It was amazing!


Mike had the bacon & poached egg skillet with sautéed chard.  He didn’t care for the chard and gave it to me.  It was my first time trying it and I loved it.


After we walked around Cannery Row.  What are the odd’s I’d find a Starbucks?!  Of course we had to stop in for a coffee.


More exploring…



Then we hopped in the car and drove around. 

We saw a coastal deer mowing the golf course lawn.  He looked up at us and went back to eating.  It was funny because there was a duck in the water right next to it and they just co-exist.  The duck must have known deer are herbivores. 


Oh and Bam loved the beach too!  He got to run around & explore several times.  He wishes he could have hunted played with all of the wildlife.  Winking smile 


As owners of a Jack Russell, I think we did our job!  This was what he looked like the entire drive home.


We can’t wait to go back soon and explore more.  There’s so much to do & see.

Have you ever been to Monterey?  What did you do?

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Tell me about the last road trip you took! 


10 Comments on “Exploring Monterey & Cannery Row

  1. Mmmm that saltwater taffy looks delish! I would’ve stuffed my purse full of it!

    Funny story, we had the exact same breakfast today! Granted, my bacon egg and cheese croissant came from a drive thru window, but hey, still the same! 🙂

    Monterey looks beautiful! I’m just super jealous of your perfect California weather, I’m so ready for fall, Texas summers KILL me!

    • Yay for breakfast twins! I can totally relate to Texas summers, I grew up in Fresno & typical summer temps are 100+. Not much humidity but still really hot. Hang in there, preferably poolside. 🙂

  2. My breakfast on Sunday was a banana and some peanut butter – yum!

    Our last road trip was to Minnesota, and we were there for 9 days – lots of lake action, and I loved it!

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