REVEALED: Exciting family news!

Good morning!!  I am so happy I can finally reveal our exciting family news I left you hanging last week.


Mike is transferring to Monterey!! 

Hello beach, Cannery Row, 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, Carmel and soooo much more!

A little history…2 years ago Mike accepted a job in San Carlos.  Being the small town country folks we are, we never imagined or really wanted to live in a big city.  And certainly not the bay area haha!  But there this was a big, life changing opportunity he couldn’t turn down so we took a huge leap of faith, uprooted ourselves and made the move.

We lived in a tiny apartment in San Mateo for 7 months and let’s just say um, never again.  When our lease was up we moved into a slightly bigger condo, which is where we live now and like it a lot better.  Plus our landlord’s have become good friends of ours which has been so cool.


Although we like living here, and having so many fun things to do & see, we always knew it wasn’t “us.”  I need grass, open spaces and people not trying to tell me how to live or what to do.  Bam needs a backyard to run free like a hippie in.  Chase cat’s, squirrels & dig for gophers without some crazy person freaking out about it.  Mike needs a man cave to do whatever boys do in there.  Which means he will probably decorate it with red, 49ers and lot’s of fugly wood- basically all the things I don’t like at all, but who cares, it’s his.  Plus a place to store his crap tools. 

There was really no thinking about moving, we all know how much I love the beach, so when Mike called with the news, I almost immediately said let’s do this!!  He agreed and accepted it.


Here’s the real kicker, we have less than 30 days to find a place, pack & move 86 miles south.  Hence our beach day in Monterey last Saturday.  Winking smile

We are beyond thrilled, stressed and excited about this new chapter.  Don’t worry, I’ll be taking you guys along on our adventures per usual.  Blogging might be a little wonky as I’m the hunter & gather of boxes, packing and fielding phone calls for our new home and more, but I wouldn’t trade this move for anything!


Of course I’m going to miss my friends, running at Google and so much more, but moving to the beach is not a bad trade.  Winking smile

We are looking forward to planting deeper roots in our new hometown, where ever that may be and Bam, well he’s looking forward to being a beach bum.

So if there are any Monterey area locals reading, please let me know.  I’d love to meet you and hear about all of the cool placed to hit up.  If you’re visiting the area, I’d love to hang out with you too!

Now accepting packing, moving and finding a home tips!

My number 1 tip is to get all of your boxes from Starbucks.  They are more than happy to recycle & give them away. 

When was the last time you moved?


0 Comments on “REVEALED: Exciting family news!

    • We did not find a place, but we did scope out a couple cool area’s we’d like to be in. Crossing our fingers we’re not homeless in a month. 😉

  1. Yay for beach life! Best of luck to you on this awesome life adventure.

    Last time I moved was in June 2011 to my then boyfriend’s, now husband’s house in a tiny little town of 400 from my awesome city of 100,000. I love him, and I love my town. So glad I moved! I’m sure you will be, too.

  2. Congrats!!!!! That’s so exciting! I want to come visit! Good luck packing and moving! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  3. So jealous. I love Monterey and visit a couple of times a year.

  4. So exciting! Monterey is way better than Mountain View, good choice 🙂

  5. Contrats on the move!! Hoping you find calm, time to exercise, and Starbucks during the next few crazy months!! CHEERS!

    • I know, that’s the first thing I thought of. Ha! But I’m happy to trade those for beach runs. I would love it if you came for a visit!

  6. Wow this is awesome! I can’t wait to see your new adventures!
    I grew up in the Bay Area and we frequently travelled to Monterey. On my husbands first visit to CA the first thing we did was ride down the coast through there, Pebble Beach, Carmel, etc.
    congrats and good luck on the move!!

  7. Congratulations!! I am so excited for you. Now you know I have become a MASTER of packing and moving so I’m here when you need me!:)

  8. Congrats on your exciting news!!! I’ll miss your google campus run pics but will look forward to some Carmel and 17 mile drove pics!! I have family that live in Salinas and my
    Best friend went to CSU MB so I know the area well! I love to run around there as well as get in some crazy trail runs on the old Fort Ord base (however its been a couple years since I’ve been out there). The last time I moved was in 2008 when we moved from The San Diego area to my hometown Santa Maria. It wasn’t easy leaving SD but worth it to be near Family and friends! Good luck house hunting!!

    • That’s awesome!! We’re looking at south Salinas, so you’ll def have to clue me in on the cool running spots.
      I love Santa Maria! Great choice too.

  9. So exciting!! I’m a little jealous because I want to live on a beach – but that is our retirement plan (yep, we are old enough to already be close!!).
    Congrats and I hope everything goes smoothly!!

  10. SO AWESOME!!!! But I’m sad that I can’t come get cupcakes and go on a hike with you now! 🙁

  11. How exciting! Love Monterey, love love love! Actually I miss everything California. 15 years ago I moved out to Maryland when I married my awesome hubby. What type of work does Mike do? One thing I like are those vacuum bags. They condense things especially the things that you wont be using right away in your new home. I can purchase a big box at Costco. Congrats and enjoy your new home 🙂

  12. Fun!! We should try to run together, I live in Santa Cruz and always want to run in Monterey to change it up 🙂

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  14. Ahhh! Congrats! I LOVE that area! I’m from Chicago, but I go to Monterey almost every year in October for a librarian conference. Best of luck!

  15. Please make a trip to Carmel. Super dog friendly town and beautiful beach.

  16. We JUST moved from Monterey! Love it and miss is terribly! Hope you find the perfect place for you! There is nothing like running down the rec trail!!

    • Awh so sad you had to move. Are you still in the area? You’ll have to tell me where all the cool stuff is for locals! 🙂

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