New forms of self torture: AB exercises

Whoa, thank you all so very much for every comment, Instagram and excitement over our move!  We are stoked and can not wait.  Although I’d be lying if I told you we aren’t stressed, since we have no idea where we will be living, but it’s going to be an…adventure.  <-said in the mom voice from the movie Step Brothers.

Before all of this unfolded I talked about wanting to focus on getting hawt abs.  After thinking about putting it off, I decided that life happens so why let it stop me?  So I’m going to do the best I can, be realistic and werk it!  Between packing boxes, cleaning and fielding phone calls, I’ll be planking and doing what I can, when I can.  Who’s with me?!



Yesterday Jeff invited me to the clinic to teach me a couple AB exercises.  I can always count on him to deliver the pain and strength that I love so much.

Just in case you’re interested, I snapped a few pics of him with proper form since I probably looked like a noodle or a flailing fish out of water. 

Jeff cracks me up, every time I asked him what the exercise name was, he didn’t know.  Winking smile  So we made the names up as we went along. 

Plank Cycles:

Start in the push up plank position.


Bring your knee towards your elbow.


Down to the wrist without touching the ground.


And back to the plank position. 

Mr. Ninja recommends doing as many as you can, then do a total of 3 reps.  For example my max was 20, so I should do 3 sets of 20.


Side Plank Lifts:

Start in side plank position.  Be sure to keep your chest aligned and straight as if you were standing up.


Life leg up and then back down again.


This was really difficult for me.  I had a hard time just holding the side plank position.  It’s a good thing I love a challenge!

Bird Dog:

Using a foam roller & a padded mat.  Don’t worry, you can still do this one without the equipment.  Start in the position below.


Hold your left leg straight and your right arm straight.  Keep your right foot off the ground.  Imagine your body as a straight, horizontal line.  Hold for as long as you can and repeat 3 times.


I found this exercise to be difficult also, but it was my favorite.  Here’s my 2 second hold.  You think I’m joking, but I am not!


If you give them a try, please let me know what you think!

Jeff is a certified Physical Therapist.  He is the brains behind operation keep SCB running.  I did not get paid for this, but I will miss him when I move.  Note to Jeff: Please take your torture skillz on the road and visit me.  I put it in the contract I just made up.  I’ll send you a copy.  Winking smile

What’s your favorite AB exercise?

What kind of strength training do you regularly do?


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  1. I do strength training at least twice a week. I love plank dips, push ups and lots of body weight strength training moves. I’m definitely going to try out the stuff your PT showed you!

  2. I almost missed yesterday and ended up planking in bed haha – I love that he is in street clothes showing off his AB exercises. My favorite core work out is standing on an upside down half bosu ball (so you stand on the flat part) and holding a weight and going up and around my head alternating left and right. It’s great for the whole core and obliques!

    • That was me last night too. I almost forgot to do the wall squat challenge and did it in my pj’s. Oh the things we do. Ha!
      I really need to get one of those bosu ball’s they are awesome. I’ll have to hit you up for exercises when I do.

  3. I’m not sure I’ve ever tried the bird dog with the foam roller – gonna have to give it a try!!

  4. We do the plank cycles (or mountain climbers) at my bootcamp. My instructor will shout at me not to count them if I don’t touch my elbow – they are harddd after a while…. but good!

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