Happy Independence Day & SOS smoke signals from Mountain View

Happy Independence Day!!  How are you honoring the holiday?


If blog celeb Skinny Runner sent you, welcome!!  Thank you for stopping by.  And a huge thank you to SR, it was an honor to write.

If you’re a regular around here, and feel like reading more of my rambling (bless your heart), check out my guest post on Skinny Runner here. 


We have exciting plans that consist of Mike working, me packing & Bam chewing his butt.  Don’t hate.  Winking smile 

I did go for a run yesterday.  I took it easy-mostly because it was hot & let’s face it running & coffee > packing.  Duh.


Running keeps me grounded when life get’s crazy.  I’m a total creature of habit, so when I stick to my normal schedule as much as possible, I feel so much better.  Things seem a lot more manageable and if not, there’s always cupcakes & coffee, right.

Eventually I did a more packing & cleaning.  Rest assured the race bling is safely packed away, labeled a million times with “I will poke you’re eyes out  with a fork if you loose this” written in red.

Okay I may be exaggerating a tiny bit… 


It’s not in me to turn down a challenge because I’m also doing the wall squat challenge with these cool kids for the month of July.  

You’re welcome to join us!  Just hold a wall squat for as long as you can and use #sittogetfit on Instagram or Twitter so we can encourage each other. 

I almost forgot to get it in last night, so here it I pj’s and all.  Yes, this grandma was up late.  Must have been that 3rd cup of full caf coffee at 2pm.  #imokaywiththis


If you see smoke signals coming from Mountain View, please send coffee.

How do you stay sane <-(used very loosely Winking smile) when life get’s crazy busy?

Now accepting more packing tips & tricks.

Who’s joining the #sittogetfit challenge?


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  1. I want to wish you the best of luck finding a new place and moving! It’s stressful but exciting at the same time.

    I think my ways of staying sane are pretty similar to others. Running, of course. Coffee. And beer. Also, lots if country music 😀

  2. I just found your blog after reading SkinnyRunner! LOVE it! I’m slightly OCD so I’m not sure if this packing tip is helpful to others, but I like to number all the boxes. On a piece of paper I’ll write (briefly) what’s in box 1, box 2, etc. This way you don’t have to dig through every box looking for something. If you don’t want to write everything out, at least numbering the boxes means you’ll know for sure if one of the boxes got lost! Good luck 🙂

  3. What keeps me sane: running (how original, right?) My husband and best friends try to help too. God bless them. 🙂

    I find the nightly glass of wine helps as well. And weekly girls night.

    I suck at packing. I always pack too much. Husband has me roll all my clothes so I can fit more in. His logic is that we won’t have to stuff our bags so tightly. My logic is that I can fit as much clothes and shoes as I want… So I guess it’s counter productive. But when we had to move, I just threw everything in boxes. Next time, were hiring people to pack for us…

    I LOVED YOUR GUEST POST on SR. I’ve been lecturing myself about stretching and cross-training and strength training, blah blah blah. I need to actually do it. And I hate being injured more than I hate weights (I guess), so maybe, potentially, I’ll start adding some of these moves gradually into my workouts.

    Right now, I’ll do some stretches on my couch with a mimosa in my hand 🙂

  4. Just found your blog on skinnyrunner.com. Thanks for the post on injuries. I too am recovering from a ‘knee’ injury that no doctor could find anything wrong with. Finally, I am seeing a chiropractor who specializes in sport rehab. Those dang hips are the culprit and within two a.r.t. sessions, I feel so much better. Your exercises are exactly what I need to do to stay healthy. Glad I found your blog. Oh, and my hus and I just got back from Monterey Beach. Absolutely beautiful area you are moving to.

  5. Hey there,
    I just read your post on Skinny Runner and am loving your blog! I’ve added you to my blog list to continue to read your updates! I have to say, I loved your post, “how to DNF like a champ.” We’ve all been there and I thought you did an awesome job spilling on the challenging run.


  6. Haha I’m normally SO bad at packing but I’m almost done with this trip and so far I haven’t really missed anything… so maybe I”m improving? 😉

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