A new appreciation for running

Good Sunday morning friends!  I hope you’re relaxing with a warm cup of coffee in hand.  Cheers to that if you do.  *clinking of coffee mugs*

My thoughts while running usually go a little like this: how many miles should I do today…it’s warm out…ahhh I love the shade at Google…mmm iced coffee sounds so good right now…go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain on ’em…yesss a water fountain…dear Google bus please don’t hit me…

This one was quite different.  I thought about the feeling of freedom overcoming an injury gave me.  I can run as long and hard as I want with zero restrictions.  That feeling of being able to do something so simple is incredibly freeing.  And the fact that I’m not training for anything in particular is the sugar to my espresso.


Don’t get me wrong, I love having a race to train for.  The accountability and consistency that comes with it, but I am digging the freedom of doing whatever I’m feeling at the moment.

Those injury punks gave me a new appreciation for running and I am so thankful for that. 


To the surprise of no one I ran around the Google campus.


I’m going to really miss running here, so I’m making it a point to enjoy it as much as possible.  I’ve been running on different streets and on the opposite sides I’d normally go down.  It’s crazy to see stuff I never noticed before. 


I did 5 easy, deep thought, grateful, thankful miles. 



My afternoon was spent eating In N Out and stripping. 


Yep, stripping paint from a ledge in the kitchen that is.  I’ll post more pics after I’m done.  Cross your fingers I don’t find a way to screw it up. 


What do you think about while running?

What makes you appreciate running?


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  1. Today was a new mileage point for me and so while I was running, I was thinking about what I’d blog about, and tried to stay in tune with how my legs were feeling.

  2. Sipping on my morning cup of joe as I write!

    Usually at the beginning of my runs I am deep in thought. Towards the end, I usually play head games and constantly remind myself to stay in the mile.

    Positive feedback makes me appreciate running. It’s easy to forget how awesome it really is to be able to lace up your shoes and run 5 miles with little thought about it. I take it for granted a lot, until I tell someone about it and they remind me that not everyone can do that everyday! It’s the best motivation!

  3. My thoughts while running are remarkably similar to yours. Sometimes I wish I could record them and play them back later to laugh at their nonsensical rambling. I appreciate running because it gives me a chance to be alone with myself and to be outside!

  4. I did a 5 mile run on Thursday in the woods just to go running for fun. I’ve been training a lot recently and the fun factor was definitely lacking. That run was what I really needed to re-energize me.

  5. I just got done with a long run myself and right now just like you I am kind of in between goals and races – I love the freedom of just doing whatever my body feels. It’s refreshing! Also, I always crave iced coffee after a long run – what is up with that!?

  6. I always feel like I have the best ideas while I’m running. Then throughout the run I have to work real hard not to forget them….like great things to mention in my blog. Otherwise when I get home all high off of endorphins and can’t formulate a complete sentence, the ideas vanish! how does that happen?!

  7. I always think about great ideas for my blog then I forget them. It’s awesome. Since my stress fracture, I’m always really appreciative of running pain free. It’s easy to take it for granted!

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