House Hunter fail & Trader Joe’s favorites

Hello!  How was your weekend? 

Bam say’s good morning!


We played house hunters all day yesterday and the only thing we came home with was a headache.  Literally. 

We’re going to be homeless at this rate, but we did find a golf course overlooking Monterey Bay.  No place to live, but a killer view.  Sounds about right.



Because I love you guys and want what’s best for you, I am going to share my current favorite items from Trader Joe’s.

Chile Spiced Mango & Barbeque Popped Potato Chips.  I’m a long time fan of the mango.  It’s freaking awesome.  And Lu got me hooked on the chips.  I think these are way better than Pop Chips.


Pita Bite Crackers.  Snack plates are one of my favorite things ever-I actually prefer them over a big meal.  These crackers are perfect topped cheese, hummus, anything really.  I think they are new, at lease I hope so because I would be sad to know my life has been missing out on such a delicious snack all this time.


Spicy Hummus Dip and Bruschetta Sauce.  These are both amazing.  I can’t wait to invite my new friends over for a party and serve these with pita crackers & wine.  Anyone want to be my friend?  Winking smile


O.N.E Coconut Mango Water.  So this one isn’t sold at TJ’s, but it’s an honorable mention.  I’m not a huge fan of plain coconut water, but liked the pineapple flavor.  But then I tried the mango.  Friends, this one’s life changing! <-cheesey pun totally intended.  Winking smile



On another note, will someone please tell my neighbors this tree is nothing more than fire wood?  It’s a transplant that looks like it didn’t make it.  They keep watering it, hoping to bring it back to life.  I guess being the youngest one around here, the subject of death bothers them, even when it comes to a tree.

Last week the tree trimmers came and when I asked if they were going to take it out, they freaked out on me.  Bahaha!  The entertainment around here never get’s old!


If we were staying here longer, I’d consider doing this.


What are your favorite food(s) & drink (s) right now?

Do you have odd neighbors? 

Tell me 4 goals you have for this week.

Find a place to live, drink more water, strength train & do AB exercises 3 times and finish painting the ledge in the kitchen. 


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  1. Pitch a tent and live on that golf course. So. Darn. Beautiful.

    I will come over for spicy hummus and bruschetta! Yum.

    Your neighbors are CRAZY. Luckily, I have super awesome neighbors – on one side, they are so awesome, and on the other side of me, I never see them, which is also great!

  2. My favorite drink is Mio Lemonade water flavoring. I drink about 1.5 gallons a day because of how good it makes the water taste. My kidneys probably hate me.

    Neighbors…..I live in a condo complex and I rarely see anyone! I’ve been here five years and the only person I see on a regular basis is a guy who walks his cat every morning and every evening. Yes, walks his CAT!

    Four goals for the week: Clean out the trunk of my car (yikes!), run 3 miles at a 8min/mile pace, limit myself to one treat per day, hit the gym for at least SOMETHING every day this week.

    Good luck with the house-hunting! 🙂

  3. My favorite food/ drink is all things trader joes, I love that store a little too much. My neighbors are also kinda weird, they don’t like talking or making eye contact with people (or just me).

    • Oh man I totally agree with loving that store too much. It’s one of the first things I searched for when Mike took the transfer. It’s a sickness i tell ya. I guess having anti social neighbor is probably a better deal than others, right. 🙂

  4. I’m getting pretty tired of all you bloggers and your Trader Joe’s posts. Because I’m jealous. 🙂 But there is one coming to Colorado soon…not near me, but at least in my state. My four goals: baby my stupid foot so it stops hurting, eat peanut butter and dark chocolate only once a day or less (yes, this is a challenge), stretch every day, and make some progress in the grammar-teaching book I just started. Boom.

    • You poor thing. Lets hope a TJ’s magically appears near you soon. 😉 What happened to your foot? You’ll bounce back, give it some time.

  5. Food and drink- I have found these drinks called sparking ICE, which is pretty much flavored sparkling water. I’m not one to drink beverages besides water- but something about having a cabonated beverage with a meal on a summer day has me hooked. And they are at Costco, so I knew they were worth the splurge.

    Our neighbors are the BEST. However, we used to have some weirdo neighbors who I despised (tons of people living in one house, lots of cars on cinder blocks, and furniture on their lawn. Only house in our neighborhood who was like that!). There are some people down the street who are quite bizarre (lots of Tuesday bonfires with loud music…makes me feel old to complain about that), but they are far enough away I don’t have to deal with them.

    I ran my first half this Saturday (!!!!), so my goals for the week are to:
    1) Eat smart, balanced, and allow my body to tell me what it needs (within reason)
    2) Recover smart, stretch, foam roll, etc (and do your hip stretches!)
    3) Enjoy working out and bask in the glory of my achievement. I’m hard on myself, and I think using this week as a victory lap will be great before I recallibrate goals for my next half in September.
    4) Take other opportunities besides running/lifting to be active- try to swim, walk more, and enjoy our summer weather.

  6. We had an evergreen tree that was “dead” last summer and then came back to life this spring! We didn’t remove it because we are renters, but we wanted to!

  7. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful food that I can’t have…because we don’t have Trader Joe’s…argh…
    …on a side note since ya kinda brought up the who HOA thing today…when we heard you were moving…Mike’s repose was “that must have been what their HOA meeting was about the other night…kicking these 2 out”…heheheh

    • Haha I wouldn’t put it pass them! Funny thing is, they don’t have any control over us. Our landlords do & they never attend the HOA meetings for obvious reasons. 😉

  8. Thanks for sharing your TJ faves! Always fun to try new things that others recommend 🙂

    Goals are: 1) continue tackling my never-ending baby to-do list; 2) get back on track to eating healthy; 3) learn all I can about newborn care at my class tonight; & 4) stay pregnant for a few more weeks!

  9. You have to try the Cookie Butter from trader joes! It will change your life! 🙂

    • Do you have a TJ’s close by? If so, try their chili mango. It’s really good & not too spicy.
      I’m happy my neighbors gave you a chuckle. 🙂

  10. I am a big mango fan and have been meaning to try coconut water for a while now…yum 🙂
    Our neighbours are weird…just…weird. And not in a good stories kind of way.
    My fav snacks are tortilla chips and Snyders of Hanover Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels…mmmmmmm
    My 4…get back on track with running after slacking on holidays. Keep up with you girls on the #sittogetfit. Enjoy a SB Clover coffee on Weds night date night. Catch up on all the blogs I missed over the last week.

    • I’m so happy you have The Clover up there. Enjoy a cup for me. P.S you’ll smoke us girls on that challenge. 🙂

  11. I am super jealous of your Trader Joe’s! We do not have them in Nova Scotia, Canada. 🙁

    I will certainly be trying out that Coconut water however….I have seen that floating around.

    Your neighbour’s tree story is hilarious…I’ll be giggling at that all evening! LOL

    • Definitely give the mango coconut water a try, especially if you like other flavors.
      Glad my neighbors make you laugh too. 🙂

  12. First….LOL to the pic of the butt bush!

    4 goals for this week?? Watch Bachelorette tonight; starting coaching/mentoring a gal in the neighbourhood who wants to complete a 5k; race my first 5 miler, and see my mom!

  13. My favorite drink: coffee, my favorite food: chocolate chip ice cream (Yes, I am a runner)!

    4 goals: 1) Run 7-miles at sub-8 minute pace this afternoon, 2) do the same on Thursday only slightly better, 3) get a specific person signed up for Disney (I’m working/recruiting for the American Liver Foundation)), 4) actually start fundraising for my marathons for the ALF as opposed to just thinking that I will.

  14. I love sparkling water with lemon juice. So delicious. I also love freezing watermelon and/or watermelon juice (in ice cube trays) and making delicious smoothies and/or frozen margaritas. 🙂

    4 goals: Run at least two days, Get groceries (not fun!), Make our household budget, 30 day shred with my husband every day (he’s down 3 pounds and I’m down 1.5 lbs after week 1!!!

    • You have the best ideas! I’m have to try freezing watermelon. That’s def my speed.
      You two are doing great on the shred!! Keep me posted on how it going.

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