Enjoying the simple things & virtual friends

Hello friends! 

Yesterday “I did nothing and it was everything I thought it would be.”  <-we should definitely be real life friends if you can guess which movie that’s quoted from.

Well that statement is not entirely true, I just took it easy and enjoyed the simple things.  Like these plant freaking nachos!


The weather has been incredible lately.  The heat wave, well for the bay area that is, has finally lifted and temps are back to normal. 

This must be why we pay a premium to live here.  Winking smile


Bam did a 5K walk around the ‘hood.  He’s pretty proud of himself. 

We had to stop at Starbucks for water coffee too.  One of the coolest things about having the Starbucks app on my phone is that I always have my phone on me and I can just pop into a ‘bucks for a coffee whenever. 

The problem with that is I was 45 cents short and don’t have my credit card.  Derp. 

It’s a good thing they know I will be back for my fix the next day.  I will be sure to tip them phat.


We saw an empty playground and Bam begged me to run free like a hippie and chase squirrels.  I’m a sucker for him and agreed.


It’s still a good thing he can’t read.


I realized 2 things I really like on our walk.  I love tree lined streets and grass. 


Bam has to stop at every single storm drain and inspect it.  It’s funny because our last Jack Russell, Bo despised those things.  He would try to dig his nails into the concrete to avoid them.  And Bam loves them.  Ha!


I absolutely love it.


We came home and did some work, then wrapped up the day with the wall sit challenge.  Apparently Bam didn’t get the memo since he’s still doing the #plankaday.



My virtual BFF Emily will be running for 24 hours straight.  You may read more about it here and virtually cheer her on here.  She’s kind of a big deal.  Smile  


What are 3 simple things you have enjoyed this week?

How is the weather where you are?

Who are your favorite virtual friends on IG and/or Twitter?

I have so many, but here are just a few:  @runemz  @skinnyrunnersr @pamula2000 @stuftmama @nhershoes @olivetorun @msfitrunner @jenavdg


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  1. Your puppy is precious! Glad he is such a good workout buddy! I love starbucks iced coffee but my wallet can only afford to get it every couple weeks 🙂 such a nice treat!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog – love it! Your dog cracks me up…I HATE those floor grates! I’m always terrified I’ll step on one and plummet to my death one day. I also love that you had to get your Starbucks water coffee fix – I did the same this morning!

  3. You’ve been missing a lot of work lately. I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it bob. (prob my favorite line)
    Also, Im so jealous of your 70 degree weather!

  4. It’s 80 degrees right now here, and it’s been HOT and humid. Getting my runs in the morning or doing inside work if I don’t.

    3 Simple Things: took a nap, read a fun book on the elliptical, watched Criminal Minds. 🙂

    I could SO go for some Starbucks right now, but it’s an hour away. 🙁

  5. What are 3 simple things you have enjoyed this week?
    I got to wake up and fall asleep next to the love of my life! That’s always wonderful. I went grocery shopping this week (which I love). I am running a 5K tonight!

    How is the weather where you are?
    The weather is gorgeous in Milwaukee today! Sunny but not too hot.

    Who are your favorite virtual friends on IG and/or Twitter?
    Most of my IG and Twitter friends I knew in real life. I love them all!

  6. LOVE Emz AND LOVE you!! I think you should edit your question about virtual friends and put virtual BEST friends thank you… now lets go grab an iced coffee.

  7. That quote is definitely from Office Space. I’ve seen that movie too many times. I am in awe of Emz! The weather has been absolutely beautiful here. Foggy in the mornings, but clears up by noon. So fantastic.

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