A town without addresses-literally

It’s been nice to sit on the couch with Mike, sip fresh coffee and talk about our future.  That boy’s been working so much, these moments are a rare treat. 

For someone who is a creature of habit and doesn’t love change it’s a little scary not knowing where we’ll be living a month from now.  But it’s always fun to think about where we’d like to be in the next couple of years.  We’re really excited about the adventures ahead.  Plus we have options and I like options.

Anyway yesterday I drove down to Monterey to look at more rentals.  I made sure to stop and snap a few shots of the ocean.  It was windy & 61 but none the less beautiful.  Check out my virtual friend Mo’s post about the Monterey/Carmel area.  This girl knows where all of the cool stuff is plus I totally agree with her description of the area “in Carmel and Monterey, the beach isn’t really “beachy,” it’s more “coastal.”


An odd tid bit:  Carmel By The Sea doesn’t have addresses.  This below explains it better than I can.   

“There are no street addresses. That’s right – no street addresses. Instead of being identified by government issued numbers, homes are identified either by their cottage name (which owners can choose) or by description (SW Corner of San Carlos and 5th, green house three down with the big red door). Explaining this to UPS or places that do not accept P.O. Box addresses can be challenging. It does, however, encourage one to know their streets, neighbours, houses and surroundings so they can explain how to get around town.”

Crazy, right!?

I may have squealed when I saw the sign for 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach!!  Maybe.  Driving it is on my bucket list.

photo (17)

I did find a solid lead on a place and applied for it.  Now we’re crossing our fingers it all works out.  If anything, the drive down Highway 1 was beautiful.


We have several rentals to view this weekend so something’s bound to happen.  We’re finally feeling pretty good about things working out for us. 


Just for giggles.  How many of you can relate?


Gotta run.  Literally.

Have you ever visited a town or city that has a few quirks?  What were they?

What’s on your bucket list? 

Anyone racing this weekend?  If so, good luck!


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  1. Good luck!! I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you all hoping that you’d find somewhere soon! It looks like such a beautiful place to live there!

  2. I’m running See Jane Seattle 1/2 this Sunday with my best friend. It’s her first 1/2 and I’m so excited and honored to run her first one with her!

  3. Good luck, girl!

    Quirkiest town I’ve ever been too by far is Key West (too steal your catch-phrase, “I freaking love that place!”).

    A bucket list-type thing for me that builds on your 17 Mile Drive is to cruise the entire Pacific Coast Highway in a sweet ragtop 🙂

    • Oh my Gish, you have to go down Highway 1. I’ve never made it down the whole way-not a fan of curvy roads, but it is def a must see.

  4. The dog thing is so funny because I’ve basically never had to clean up food from the floor under my kids high chairs. My dog has literally probably gotten pounds of food from them over the past! She parks right in between their chairs at every meal…she’s no fool!!

  5. Carmel is one of my most favorite places. Bam will have so much fun exploring and theres a great dog boutique there called Diggity Dog. You must go. And please have a drink at sunset on the deck at the Mission Ranch (Clint Eastwood’s Hotel). Unfortunately dogs are allowed there because theres a flock of sheep grazing there but its so gorgeous. Dogs rule Carmel so its fab! 17 mile drive is breath taking and so is Big Sur. I’m so jealous!

      • i live in SoCal and visit Carmel as often as i can. My chihuahua Smiley was like the mayor when we were there last year. he went in every restaurant and bar like he owned the place.

  6. Good luck finding a place!

    I signed up last minute for a 5k in the morning. A 3 mile run was part of my training this week so I figured, why not? Not looking for a PR because I have already logged 17 miles this week, but hopefully it will be fun!

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  8. Thanks for sharing my post! I am hoping you guys find a permament place to live soon! 🙂
    It’s SUPER weird that there are no addresses in Carmel, but I think it adds to the charm!

  9. We did the 17 mile scenic drive about 8 years ago and it was awesome! We made several stops along the way for pictures and got to see some otters playing in the ocean!

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