Out living life

Hello from Highway 1!!
I’m just checking in with you. I had a post typed up & ready to publish, but my blonde roots run deep & I forgot to publish it before we got on the road this morning. Derp.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a moving update & more randomness SCB brings. Until then tell me the most exciting thing you did this weekend!


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  1. I had a very lazy (scratch that) relaxed weekend. I ran 12 miles yesterday and had a killer workout this morning. I’ve been so tired – I’m finally just feeling normal again!

  2. I ran the hilliest half marathon ever!! But really, hands down toughest course I’ve done. And I managed to come in one minute under my last half, yay!! Hope the house hunting is going well 🙂

  3. My weekend consisted of a 12 mile and 11 mile run followed by some QT with the hubby. I’d say that’s a pretty good weekend 🙂

  4. I ran the See Jane Run 1/2 in Seattle with my best friend. My 2nd and her 1st. Had a blast!

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