Not homeless & secret pathways to magical places

Hello friends! 

I have so much I want to tell you about, plus I’m a little over caffeinated this morning, so let’s get to it.

Yesterday Mike & I were on the road bright and early to the Monterey area in the hopes of not being homeless in 2 weeks.  Talk about stress.  Ha! 

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful Starbucks ever?  I have big dreams of actually having a Starbucks themed kitchen one day. 


And this window!!  I wonder how much scrilla coffee it would take to get a Starbucks décor specialist to come decorate my house?


We had a list of 6 places to look at with appointments lined up the entire day.  We talked a lot about our options, what’s important to us and our bucket list for our new area.


Our first stop was a house I called on earlier in the week.  I actually emailed it to Mike and titled it “our new home” since I loved it so much.

You guys, it really was love at first sight for the both of us!  After walking around peeking through the windows I called the landlord and he met us right away.

Mike used his sales skillz and before we knew it, the deal was good on a handshake and the landlord was pulling the “for rent” sign out of the ground.

So….welcome to our new home!! 


We can’t wait to make friends & entertain since there will definitely be no shortage of space.  Who want’s to be our friends? Smile

I can not wait to sit by this real wood burning fireplace at Christmastime with the tree all lit up, sipping a hot cup of coffee.  That’s the good life my friends!


It even has a built in pizza oven.  Anyone have a favorite pizza recipe?


We scored big time and were stoked to have the rest of the day to hang out and explore. We went to the beautiful Carmel By The Sea.  If you’re ever in the area, hands down, this little town needs to be on your must see list.


It’s filled with charm & character.  This shop reminds me of Solvang


You’ll find these little hallways are all over the place.  I think they are secret paths to magical places where you have to say open sesame to enter.  Winking smile


We wanted to have lunch off the beaten path so we drove around and found Café Stravaganza in Carmel.

Turns out several celebs dine there.  I had the honor of meeting Joan Fountain.  She was extremely sweet and the gentleman dining with her, Terry was also very nice.  He asked me if I lived in Hollister {referring to my hoodie} and I’m such a dork I said, no but I live in their clothes.  Told you I’m socially awkward.  Winking smile


After an exciting lunch, we drove down highway 1 towards Big Sur for a bit.  We stopped several times because the views are so, so incredible.


We will live about 15 minutes from the 1, so expect to see a lot more of it.  #imokaywiththis


I’m so relieved the stress of finding a home is over, now I can shift my focus on packing & cleaning-things I can control. 

What is the most charming town you’ve ever been to?

Have you ever met a celeb?  What were they like?

What was the best thing about your weekend? 


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  1. Beautiful new home!! Congratulations and I wish you guys the best! …and LOL on the window!! The first thing that popped into my mind seeing that Starbucks window was, “I wonder how I can convince my husband this is exempt and is always a NEED, not a want. Always.”

  2. Congrats on finiding a place to call home in Monterey area 🙂 it looks so lovely! a pizza oven??? that is so freaking cool. And yes, Eric and I will be friends with you two. haha.

    You are going to have so many beautiful places to run over there! Would you be sigining up for any of the Big Sur events? The 1/2 is in November and the marathon events [26.2, 21, 10 and 9 milers] are at the end of April. . . .

    I met a couple Star Trek actors and got their autographs at conventions so those are my brushes with fame.

    Best thing about my weekend was. . . finally finishing the work project that has been sucking out my soul for the past 3 weeks. yay! i can read blogs again!

  3. Can you send me a pic of your guest room? I’m moving in and want to see what my new room looks like!

    Seriously, I’m not even joking. Save me a room.

  4. That house is out of control!! I’m a little jealous of all the beautiful views you will have to enjoy while running!

  5. YAY to a new home!! That fireplace looks perfect for relaxing in front of – Christmastime and anytime! Congrats!! 😀

  6. Congrats on the new home! Very fun. I move into my apartment for law school in Oxford, MS on August 1. New places are always so fun 🙂
    The best thing about this weekend was the RAIN on Sunday! I live in Dallas, and we desperately need the rain; it’s supposed to keep coming down off and on through Thursday. Hooray!

  7. I would live in that Starbucks… adorable. Also, love that town- those are my favorite types of places. So glad you all found something 🙂 I knew you would and little pup wouldn’t be homeless because of it.

  8. Congrats, it’s so charming, I love it! I’ve met a few celebs, some were nicer than others. Meeting Luke bryan was…well dreamy! I also met katherine Switzer once, and that was amazing- such an inspiring runner!

  9. What is Bam doing to do with all this new-found space?!? So happy for you guys…when we come visit….Mike will have to make you his homemade pizza…I mean you do have a pizza oven and all now…so that is a good reason for a visit – right?!?!? 🙂

  10. Congrats on the new home – it looks awesome! How could anyone NOT pick a home with a built in pizza oven….genius!

  11. Your new place looks super cute – so cool that it has a built in pizza oven!!!
    That town looks like one of the neatest places – I would love to walk around and explore it.

  12. The new place looks great! I am super jealous of the pizza oven. We sat lakeside and enjoyed some wine yesterday afternoon. A perfect way to end the weekend.

  13. Beautiful. I am so jealous!!!!! Enjoy your new home and community. Someday I will live there too. *dreaming really big!*

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joan Fontaine! SUSPICION is one of my favorite movies. I would ask her what it was like to kiss Cary Grant 😀

  15. LOVE that house – lucky you. I would love a fire brick pizza oven in my home! If I ever come to CA, I’m definitely going to have to stop in for some pizza pie – I’ll even make it. 😉

    My favorite little charming town is Honfleur in France – I visited it when I was studying abroad in college.

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