You have to go here & crossing stuff off our bucket list

The other day I was talking to our neighbor (Coco’s mom) about our move.  She works for Google and is hoping to transfer to Europe soon.  I mentioned that I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been living since we found out about our relocation. 

We agreed that our excitement about moving forward is making it difficult to live & enjoy each day.  It was so refreshing to chat with someone who’s experiencing the same as me at the same time.

So instead of making small repairs, taking down the TV’s & packing, Mike and I decided to live a little and cross a few things we never got around to off our Bay Area bucket list.

Since we moved here almost 2 years ago, we saw a Benihana’s in Millbrae right next to SFO and Mike has always wanted to take me there.  Yesterday, we found one a little closer in Cupertino.  And guess what, dang Siri got us lost.  #filethatunderthingsicantmakeup


We both love teppanyaki so this place was perfect!  We enjoyed the food and agreed, dining here is an experience.  

After lunch we hit up Philz Coffee since it’s highly recommended by everyone, it seems.  


Maika made our coffee and was so excited when we told her it was our first time at Philz you’d think she owned the joint. 


Every cup of coffee is made to order right in front of you.  They even freshly grind the coffee beans.  I guess you could say we’re about the experience today!


I asked what the most popular blend was and I think she said Tesora.  (Maika correct me if I’m wrong)  She said it was the first blend Phil used to create his brand and it’s a medium blend. 


She added vanilla & soy for me and made sure I was satisfied before she was done.  Now that’s excellent custom-er service!  <-sorry, I had to go there!

Mike had the Turkish blend with whole milk & sugar and we both deemed his the winner of the two.

You guys have to go to Philz if you’re near one!  And if you do, tell me about it so I can congratulate you on making great life decisions. 

We sat our their patio and sipped our coffee while taking our experience all in. 


Then we hit the road to the Facebook Headquarters.  They changed their address from Willow Road to 1 Hacker Way and I had to take a picture with the latest & greatest improvements before we leave.  The nerd in me just couldn’t resist the latest upgrades.


Then Mike geeked out when we went to San Francisco Sports Cars to window shop.  I’m pretty sure we couldn’t even afford to walk into this place. 

He’s always wanted to check this place out, so why not.


You can buy a house or two for the price tag on one of these babies.  Well here, it’d be more like a shack but you know.


Then the day got even better when we came home to an cool mail.  My new Bulu Box came and no bills.  Boom!


If you have one, what’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list?

Coffee lovers, what’s your favorite coffee shop and/or brand?

We love Fabiano’s Coffee out of Fresno so much we buy 5 pounds at a time & have it shipped.  And of course Starbucks and now Philz.  I’ll have to see if there’s one in the Monterey area.

What is something you eat every day?

Bananas, I have one with breakfast every day.


12 Comments on “You have to go here & crossing stuff off our bucket list

  1. I eat peanut butter in some form every single day. I can’t live without it. I think I’ve probably tried every single kind of peanut butter. I’ve even passed along my passion for PB to my two dogs. They know the word “peanut butter” and come running when I pull out whatever sort of PB I am using for that meal. Mmmm…

  2. That is awesome that you took the time to cross some things off your list, I can imagine relocating must be stressful and I am glad you were able to have some fun time.

    I’ll be honest and call myself a brand-whore and say I LOVE Starbucks. I can’t help it, especially the ones near my house where they all know my name, it’s like a caffeinated less drunk version of Cheers….you just can’t beat that.

    I also have some very small local brand coffee roasters that I love, but I rarely make coffee at home ( I am the only one who drinks it)

    • Gosh I love Starbucks too. I have a hard time trying new coffee places because I’ll miss out on a gold star. Ha! #coffeeaddictsunite

  3. I went to Philz for the first time with another blogger a month ago, and I’ve been dreaming about their iced tea since!

  4. I really prefer hole in the wall coffee shops… ones that are very artsy and hippie that I feel like I need skinny jeans on (but I don’t) and a shirt with a peace sign. Those are heaven.
    Also, Benihana is the bomb diggity. I went when I lived in Milwaukee and it was one of the best meals I ever had on a date. (Don’t tell Ben ;)).

  5. I eat loads of bananas too. And avocados! Benihanas is the best…been going there since I was yay high for birthdays and special occasions. They put on a good show.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out to Philz, Jacqueline! It was lots of fun meeting you and Mike, and I’m so glad you loved your coffee! You want to know something funny? I realized after you left that I got so caught up chatting, I forgot to ice your Tesora!! I’m so sorry about that…come back on another hot day, and we’ll make you a delicious iced Julie’s (my favorite dark roast). 🙂

    As for bucket lists, I just started teaching myself guitar, which has been on my list for a while.

    Of course Philz is my favorite coffee these days! But if you ever visit Portland, check out Stumptown Coffee Roasters (–amazing!!

    Thanks again for visiting, and good luck with the move!

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