What’s in that box?

I seriously have the coolest friends.  Yesterday this girl offered to come help me pack.  So I basically took clothes off hangers and threw them at her.  She’s pretty awesome like that.

Somehow we never seem to snap a pic when we hang out and Bam doesn’t have thumbs.  Besides he’d rather chew his butt anyway, so here’s an old one.


I tried the new Power Bar Performance Energy Blends that came in the July Bulu Box to power through a day of packing.  I loved it!


It has an applesauce texture, and this might sound kind of weird but it reminded me of baby food-but in a good way.  I have a thing for kid food. Winking smile

I even squeezed a strength training/wall sit challenge workout in.  It’s all about the simple things!

Awhile back the folks at Bulu Box contacted me about trying out their product.


I dig the concept and simplicity of it.  Every month they send me a cute box with 4-5 sample goodies to try that I wouldn’t otherwise drop a couple of duckets just to try a product I might like.  Told ya I’m cheap!

Here’s what’s in this months box:


Zellies Mints-Rids the mouth of bacteria with a mint.

Vivarin-Caffeine pill

Naturade Total Soy-Meal replacement shake. {I would use it as a protein shake after a workout}

Shapeology Burn Blend-Metabolism enhancing

PowerBar Performance Energy Blends-Fuel after exercise made with natural ingredients.

Ripped Cream-Protein coffee creamer

{Unpictured} $30 gift card to Daily Burn-an online library of workouts.

The Shapeology & Vivarin don’t apply to me since I’m not trying to loose weight and my coffee consumption is probably well above average.  Shocking, I know.

That being said, I would actually spend a little dinero on the PowerBar blends and Zellies (especially the cool mint).

I tried the Ripped Cream, vanilla bean flavor in my coffee this morning and thought it was good, and kept thinking it would be incredible in an iced coffee or even a blended coffee.


If you’re interested in getting in on the Bulu Boxfun, they are offering SCB readers 50% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plus FREE shipping with coupon code BULUGAN328

In true SCB fashion-keeping it real, I get a tiny commission for every sale.  Thoughts & opinions are all mine, baby!  I like promoting products I use & would pay for myself and thought y’all might too.  Thank you for contributing to my coffee addiction.

What’s one product you would love to try, but don’t want to drop the cash to see if you like it?

What’s the last nice thing a friend did for you?


10 Comments on “What’s in that box?

  1. How great are the Zellies mints? I want to try those!! I can’t do gum, really, but those sound pretty cool.

  2. My best friend really likes the PowerBar blends and has been using them during her long runs and half marathons lately. I haven’t tried them yet because I haven’t found them I bet Road Runner would have them. Question, and it might be kind of weird, but I wonder if the fruit in it would make you need to go #2 while running…I know GROSS but it is something I’ve thought about with the PowerBar blends. LOL, sorry :/

    • Sorry I’m not much help, I really don’t know. There is 1 gram of fiber per packet if that’s any help. I guess it’s one of those things you have to try-if you’re brave. 😉 Let me know if you do & what you think.

  3. I’ve heard of Bulu Box before but never ordered. It sounds fantastic! 50% off is amazing! Do you know how long this discount may last? I’m moving in about a week and would like to wait on ordering.

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  5. I will definitely have to try out this bulubox!!! I love stuff like this! Okay confession: I totally misread Shapeology and though it said Shakeology. I was all “girl, I would have sent you samples if you just asked!” Hahaha. Off to drink more coffee.

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