Probiotics & the best new {to me} salad ingredient

I woke up with a headache.  How is it even possible that I have the ability to screw up the easiest thing in the world to do-sleep?  I popped a couple Advil along with some coffee and I’m already feeling better.  See coffee really does fix everything.  No?

Yesterday I went for one of my last runs around Google land.  Man I am so going to miss this place.



I took it easy, making sure to savor the entire run and stopped for a couple pictures.  Of course I am looking forward to new adventures that are ahead, but let’s be honest, I freaking hate change.  There I said it.  Haha!



Turns out I follow some really smart people on Instagram.  After seeing this pretty lady top pretty much every meal with jalapenos I decided to try a few on my post run salad.

Um, best.decision.ever.


Yesterday afternoon Bam went on an adventure.  He even took a bath and was pretty excited about it.


My PT ninja, Jeff and Catherine have been dying to meet the SCB mascot, Bam.  I don’t blame them, he’s kind of a big deal.  So we went to the clinic to say our see ya laters.


Bam was so happy to run around, harass people and explore.  He made a lot of new friends. 

PS yesterday I was testing Pro Compression socks.  I’m digging the plain white big time.


Last week I asked my Instagram friends if they take probiotics and what their thoughts were.  I was pretty surprised to see so many of you use & love them.

I’ve been taking probiotics for about a year now and I have definitely noticed a difference even before I started seeing my GI specialist.  If you’re curious about them, check out this article.     

My GI doc recommended the Trader Joe’s Acidophilus & Probiotic Complex supplements so this is what I take every day.


Do you take probiotics?  Have you noticed any differences?

What’s your favorite salad topping? 

Do you like change or are you a creature of habit?


0 Comments on “Probiotics & the best new {to me} salad ingredient

  1. I can’t pick ONE salad topping: goat cheese, pea shoots, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, everything!!

    I can be hesitant about change but at the same time I am pretty flexible, if something needs to change then it needs to change and I’ll make it work!

    P.S. loving the pink skirt/white socks combo, perfect for the summer!

  2. K, a bunch of comments for me to make here…
    You are right-coffee does fix everything!!!
    Love your multi coloured head band!!!
    Love Jalepenos-especially on salads and nachos!!!!
    Love the white Pro Compression socks!!!

    and lastly,

    For the most part I get my probiotic intake through yogurt. I eat 1 helping a day.

  3. My favorite salad ingredient – avocado!
    Yes, I just started taking probiotics in March – huge improvement for me!!!

    • It’s nice to hear others are feeling the difference with probiotics. Supplements can be tricky sometimes and it’s hard to tell if they’re working.

  4. Ummmm…. I just bought the same outfit you are wearing (minus the shoes and socks)! I treated myself to LuLu for my first half marathon outfit. Although, you look way better then I ever could!

    I do not use probiotics, but I eat a lot of yogurt! I also love beets on my salad.

    I am usually a creature of habit, but I do love a good change when it comes along. Although, that doesn’t mean that I am not scared of all the failures the change could bring…..

  5. Why have I never thought of jalepenos on salads?! I’m apparently the unfortunate exception to probiotic help…I’ve taken them for 2 months and can’t tell a difference. 🙁

  6. Favorite salad ingredient is olives! I love Greek and kalamata olives best but also just plain black olives. I have been known to just snack on a jar of olives YUMMY!

  7. I am a TOTAL creature of habit. Change freaks me out! I love that cute pink skirt with the white pro compressions! I like salty sunflower seeds or almonds on my salad.

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