The best coffee I have ever tasted in my life & I can not stop laughing

We’ll get to the best coffee I have ever tasted in a bit, but I want you to take a good look at the picture below.


When you see two palm trees crossed over like that, you have to stop and eat the most delicious burger you will ever have.  It’s a life rule.

In N Out burgers are my absolute favorite ever.  You are not allowed to disagree with me on this. Winking smile


Do you hear that?  Angels are singing.


After lunch we drove around to pretty much avoid this disaster.  Let it be known that it was Mike’s decision to wait until Monday to move.  Ha!


And heck yeah, I branded that picture.  You know it!

On our drive we ended up stopping into Philz Coffee one last time.  This place is so packed, we had to park across the street in front of a house with a sign above the garage that said “witch parking only, all other will be toad.”  I thought it was funny and pointed it out to Mike.

Anyway I was kinda sad we didn’t see Maika there, I wanted to try her favorite drink.  


But Anthony saved the day.  He totally took our coffee experience to a whole other level.  I didn’t even know that was possible.


I asked him about the coffee made with fresh mint and he said everyone loves that drink.  So I ordered a Mint Mojito. 

It was off the chain good.  Yeah I went there.  Something about the fresh mind muddled with coffee, poured over ice with a splash of vanilla soy milk.  I die.


I loved it, but the really winner was Mike’s choice, Jacobs Wonderbar.  This folks is the best coffee I have ever tasted.  That’s a bold statement, I know.  But it’s true!

It had hints of chocolate, nuts & cloves, but I think it’s secretly laced with liquid crack and gold. 

Congratulations, worlds best cup of coffee!  <-said in The Elf voice.


So kinda funny story…as we were happily walking to our car I noticed a police officer parked in front of us and mentioned it to Mike.  Turns out we, along with 3 others parked in a no parking zone and he gave us a ticket.  There were 3 signs on one pole and the way they were written is very confusing.  Confusion-it’s how the Bay Area makes their moolah.

We had the top down on the car, discussing it and a lady was standing in her driveway we were parked in front of staring & listening to us.

She said “the 5 minute parking rule is for commercial vehicles only and you’re not driving a commercial vehicle, it’s a car.”   

I laughed so hard because I knew Mike was not going to let that one go.  If you know Mike, this wouldn’t surprise you one bit. 

He smart ass replied oh really.

Woman: “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me.”

Mike: You’re a witch, it says so on your driveway.

As we’re driving away she ran over to the police officer waving her arms pointing at us.

Mike: Go tell him, go tell him.

I lost it.  It was so freaking funny I couldn’t stop laughing.

That almost made up for the $46 ticket we just got. Almost.

Spill it, what’s your absolute favorite burger?

How do you order on your burger?

Cheese, tomatoes, ketchup & extra pickles.  I can go either way with lettuce, but don’t dare put it on Mikes.  He thinks hot lettuce tastes like snot.  #stufficantmakeup

How do you handle people that try to tell you how to live and what to do?

We fire back. 


16 Comments on “The best coffee I have ever tasted in my life & I can not stop laughing

  1. Love In N Out! I love double double with spread only and a heck of a lot of fries. True story: when I was pregnant with Madi, I craved their fries something awful. One time the drive thru forgot my order of fries and I literally growled at the poor kid. Dan frantically yelled “hurry and get her fries!” Hahaha!

  2. I love that you devoted so much time to your favorite coffee. This post is why your blog just shot up to #1 in my book.

    I love burgers aka ‘Big Mickey’s’ from the local fast food joint, Mickey’s. It’s a family owned place that’s been in business for at least 30 years….and of course you can’t go there without getting a shake.

    I’ve never tried In n’ Out Burger (I’m in the midwest, do they have them out here?). I will be starting a massive google search asap for the one closest to me. I see a road trip in my future!

    I don’t listen to people who try to tell me what to do or how to live at all. It just seems ridiculous that someone thinks they could. Everyone has completely different life experiences and we all end up the way we are because of those experiences. If someone did try to tell me how to live (my parents stopped before I was even born….as a fetus, I apparently wanted to stay in the womb for an extra month and a half and they let me) – I would just laugh and walk away.

    • In-N-Out is strictly a Southern California chain (even though I’m pretty sure they have a couple in Arizona?) My step-mom called around trying to figure out if she could open one up here (really, really Northern California) and they said they wouldn’t come this far north. It was devastating.

  3. I particularly like how most of your stuff is packed away in Starbucks boxes. Nice touch.
    My brain goes fuzzy when people choose to argue with me. Then I say things that are probably way over their heads and walk away with great satisfaction.

  4. Must. Get. Philz.

    Never tried In n Out, not in Canada…if we are talking “chain” burger joints though I’d go with 5 Guys, with like…everything…on it. Except ketchup, yuck.
    Oh I fire back big time too…I had a guy yell at me at 7am when we were the only two people on the street because I had my bike on the sidewalk (for like 25 feet and riding at slower than slow crawl speed). He yelled and said I was breaking the law blahblahblah…I asked what he was going to do, place me under citizen’s arrest? He didn’t care for my smart ass remarks.

  5. I was so excited when In-N-Out came to the Dallas area a couple of years ago. I had never tried it before, but I knew celebrities went there, so it had to be good, right? I wasn’t disappointed. I love that you can order your burger “Protein Style” (on lettuce leaves instead of a bun) there!

  6. Any Elf reference is A-OK in my book 🙂

    People always feel the need to TELL how to live your life. I guess I just politely accept their advice and let it go, or sometimes you have to say “I’m glad that works for you, but I don’t think that’s the route I want to take”. Although there are times it’s harder to control the anger and frustration that can ensue from someone butting in and trying to control my life, and then I go for a hard run and burn off some steam and then come back and feel better knowing ITS MY LIFE

  7. My favorite burger is from a place in Columbia, Mo. called Murry’s, and I like it medium rare (I know it’s bad… but ohsogood) with pickles, blue cheese and ketchup and mustard on the side to dip. Now, I want it right now!

  8. I absolutely love in n out. There’s one at the halfway point of my usual long run route and the war that goes on in my head about whether I should keep running or stop for a burger is one of the hardest choices I make every week.

  9. LOVE In & Out ~ single animal style and fries well done. YYUUMMYY! Sorry about the ticket, but loved the story. Hope your move went well! I love your blog! 🙂

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