One happy Jack

Happy Friday!! 

Bam sure is one happy Jack.  He’s been running around the backyard chasing birds and eradicating gophers for hours.  By dinner time, our buddy is wiped out. 



We took a break form unpacking.  We figured we have all of the basic stuff put away so we did a little shopping.  We hit up Costco for lunch and a couple things we were low on.    

As we were walking into Marshalls, I saw this!  I “need” this plate!!


I already loved these folks without meeting them. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m craft inept, but I can take pics of stull that catches my eye.


I adore the stars below but think they would be so cute made out of wine corks.  Guess we better start drinking…


Just so these peeps know, SC waz in da house.  Smile


I better get to work since our stuff doesn’t have legs to put themselves away.  We’re off to San Luis Obispo tomorrow morning to get my hair done.  Hopefully I’ll look slightly less homeless. 

What are 4 things you plan to do this weekend?

What’s your home style?

Beach, reclaimed wood, Starbucks theme-so I guess eclectic?  I also like different textures.

What would your personalized plate say?

Apparently mine is taken.  Winking smile


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  1. SLO town tomorrow! Shoot!! I’m heading back home to KC tomorrow, will just be missing you. Have a nice little trip down! You’re new place looks great!!!

  2. Glad Bam is having a blast in his yard. Because we know it belongs to him. As does the patch of grass behind my house belongs to Lando and the cats. Gophers and vermin be gone! 🙂

    I LOVE beachy eclectic woodsy stuff. I think it’s because I visited my godmother so much in Aptos and loved her decor. So easy, fun and relaxing. I need to figure out how to get that done for my place.

    Going to get started on painting a pet portrait this weekend, go for a hike, a cycle class and garden some more in Lando’s yard.

    Have fun in SLO!

  3. Have fun this weekend! glad you AND Bam are happy campers 🙂

    I love that plate, pretty sure I’d love the person driving that car too. I don’t know what mine would say. There isn’t enough space to say “I’m addicted to starbucks and running and food and everything else”

    This weekend, hmmm…. Blog redesign (hopefully, it’s been a nightmare trying to get a custom domain), long run, some cross training and probably spending a little time at the Park ave Festival near my house 🙂

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