SLO, Paso & one of the most beautiful roads we’ve ever been on

Good morning friends!


We got on the road early yesterday morning so I didn’t have a chance to put a post together.  I am sure you missed my free entertainment, no?

Friday I went for my first run around our new ‘hood.  It felt so great to be back at it again.


I’m looking forward to finding my new normal here.  Whatever that is.  Ha!

Yesterday we took a day trip to San Luis Obispo to get my fur did.  Does anyone else kick their feet up on the dash to stretch out and warm up?  It’s seriously one of my favorite things.


We got there early and dropped Bam off at the pet resort.  Mike found Thousand Hills pet resort last April when I ran the SLO half marathon.  It’s a mentoring program for young people and Bam loves it there.  A win-win in our book.

Then we drove to our favorite sandwich shop ever-Stacked in Grover Beach.  Every time we’re in town, we always stop in. 

They use high quality ingredients and everything is so fresh.  I usually get the Tree Hugger.   


After lunch we hit up Starbucks for the 2nd time.  Yeah, we need an intervention. 

Then to Jackie so she could work her magic and make me look a little less homeless.  There’s nothing like fresh color & a trim.  AmIright?    


I’ll post an after pic soon but I am so happy with it per usual! 

After Mike dropped me off, he went for a drive to explore around.  That boy always finds the coolest stuff.  So after my hair appt, he took me down the coolest road he just found.


If you’re ever on the Central Coast, Pecho Valley Road in Los Osos, CA in Montana De Oro state park is a must see! 



The views of the ocean, Morro Bay, Morro rock and the 3 smoke stacks off in the distance are killer!!


Dang, I really need to put together a Central Coast guide soon.

After enjoying the gorgeous views we picked up Bam.  He had a 4:30 bath & pawdicure and was looking rather handsome when we got there.  He has a ruff little life yo.


Then we stopped into downtown Paso De Robles for dinner before heading home.  We both absolutely love the entire Paso-Pismo Beach area.  It is our dream to live there someday.


I kinda love this guy almost as much as I love coffee.  Winking smile


We had dinner at Pappy Mc. Gregor’s Bar & Grill which was a winner.  Mike had blackened chicken mac & cheese and I had a chicken salad that was the size of my face while enjoying the warm sun on the patio.

Our new home is a little more inland from the coast and I’m hoping it’s going to be a bit warmer and sunny but so far it’s been cool and overcast, so I soaked up the sun as much as possible. 

We walked around for a bit and headed home. 


Pet resort success.


What is the most beautiful road you’ve ever been on? 

This is one of them along with Highway 1.

How often do you get your hair done?  Do you color it?

Every 3-4 months, but I really should work on going more often, but sitting still for 3 hours is really tough for me.

What is your ideal climate?

Sunny & in the 70’s & 80’s.


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  1. Paso is my hometown!! My family actually lived in Arroyo Grande until I was 15, then moved to Paso…then I went to Cal Poly. Oh how I miss the Central Coast! Now I’m in Visalia…how the heck did that happen?? LOL I get my hair done about every 3-4 months and I still go to my hair dresser in Paso so it’s a trek whenever I need it done. Corbett Canyon Road/Edna Valley Road and that whole area in SLO is beautiful!

  2. Wow I am so jealous of your amazing scenery! Can’t wait to see your after pictures – I wish I could find a good hairdresser where I live. I just haven’t found one even though i’ve tried many since I moved here.

  3. Those roads are gorgeous! I loved Highway 1 along the Big Sur Coast! I loved driving around the island of Kauai because the speed limit is like 40-45 mph, so you can really take your time and just enjoy the scenery.

    I’m really bad about waiting too long in between haircuts. I have never dyed my hair, with the exception of a temporary color several years ago. That may change though, once the grays start to multiply. 😉

  4. Gorgeous pictures – I would love to live somewhere more scenic – one day!!!
    I get my hair done every 4 weeks because usually it is pretty short (I’m currently growing it but I’m sure that won’t last long). And, I’ve been coloring so long that I don’t even know my natural color anymore!!
    My ideal climate is pretty much the same as yours – I don’t mind the 60s in the early mornings and late nights, then I like it around 85!!!

  5. Our dream {one of them} is to live near Pismo/SLO!! Such a gorgeous place.
    I get my hair done about every 3-4 months….I should do it more often, but I always say I don’t have enough time.

  6. I get my hair done every 6 months. It’s a problem that I am working on improving but the time just sneaks up on me and then I keep putting it off!

    Love seeing your gorgeous scenery pictures!

  7. What a beautiful place- thanks for sharing! My husband is the same way; every time we go somewhere new he has to explore. It is definitely worth it because we have seen some pretty interesting sites we would have missed if it weren’t for is Dora the Explorer ways. 😉

  8. One day I’ll visit the West Coast! It looks so beautiful. My two favorite roads to travel are Route 1 through the Florida Keys and also the road in ipstate New York that travels through the Shawangunk Mountains. I grew up in the mountains and every time I drive through I become nostalgic.

    My hair is in a growing out phase right now and I try to get it done every 8 weeks. I’m getting it highlighted and trimmed Thursday to get pretty for my baby brothers wedding!

  9. That really is gorgeous! There are some roads here in NY that are just immaculate through the ADK mountains. Love going up through there.

    I get my hair done every few months, I’m not religious about getting it done every set few weeks or whatever. I cut it when it gets shaggy and I color it when I get tired of the roots.

  10. I only go every 3-4 months, and I never get it colored. I haven’t colored it since early 2010. Before then, I used to highlight, but I got tired with the upkeep and I quite like my natural auburn hair color and get lots of compliments. So, I’m happy with that.

      • Can’t deny that money was a factor in my original stoppage, then I decided I did really love my natural hair color.

  11. I get my hair done every 6 months. Hence why I resemble Sasquatch or Cousin It the majority of the year 😉 After a horrid attempt at going back to my childhood blonde, I stopped coloring my hair and let the brown take over.

    Love the Highway 1 drive. From the tippy south to the far north. The entire drive is gorgeous. Nerve wrecking for the driver at some points, but beautiful.

    I agree with the 70s and 80s weather.

    • Is the drive on the 1 from Carmel to Big Sur pretty windy? I really want to do the drive, but I tend to get a little car sick if it’s crazy.

  12. Hwy 550 from Durango to Grand Junction, CO. It’s western Colorado and beautiful.

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