I need your help & the best butterscotch cookie recipe ever

Um, so it’s August and I’m wearing hoodies & Uggs.  Pretty sure this is a first.


This weather is going to take a lot of getting used to.  I am a sunny, summer girl so I expect this move to build…character and maybe round my corners as my dad would say. 

But it’s perfect running weather!  I set out for a 5K but got lost in my new neighborhood so it was a little longer.  I am totally okay with this.


The sun eventually came out and called my name so I sat out back and watched gopher hunt 2013 take place.  And what do ya know, not a single person yelled at him for I don’t know, being a dog.  Winking smile


Then I decided to be domestic.  I’m not a fan of cooking, but baking, oh baking I freaking love.  I wanted to welcome Mike home from his first day with his favorite butterscotch cookies. 


I told him they were made with a lot of love and butter.  He definitely approved!

They were nice and chewy on the inside and a little crunchy around the edges.  Just the way I like ‘em.


I followed this Toll House recipe but only made half of a batch and added a little extra salt & vanilla.  


In other news I was really looking forward to giving our new Cuisinart Coffee Maker Grind & Brew a great review, but we’re really not a fan. 


We thought there was something wrong with our first one as it would stop brewing half way through and we had to fight with it to work again.  So I exchanged it and now the new one is doing the same thing.  The only way we can get it to brew without suddenly stopping is to rig it like this. 


And you know that’s a major coffee crisis in this house.  We would surely die without coffee.  <-you think I’m joking.

That leads Mike to think there’s a design flaw in the lid sensor. 

Plus there are quite a few parts that need to be cleaned after every brew cycle.  #notfun


We really like the taste of the coffee as it’s brewed at a higher temp than our old cheapy coffee pots, and doesn’t require a paper filter, but I don’t think it’s worth the hassle.

So we are now accepting coffee maker recommendations.  Please let us know if you have one you love.

What is your favorite dessert?


Do you enjoy having seasons or would you like the weather to be consistent year round?

I think I like having seasons, but I’m looking forward to giving the more consistent weather a shot.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Exploring my new area, baking and getting ready for the holidays!  Eeek how many of you did I just freak out by saying the “h” word?  Winking smile


23 thoughts on “I need your help & the best butterscotch cookie recipe ever

  1. Mandi @ Miles and Mascara

    We have a Breville® the YouBrew® Glass Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder BDC550XL pot (totally copied & pasted!). We’ve had it for over a year now and have had no problem! We love that we can make a full pot or just place a mug and have fresh ground/brewed coffee go right into it, with all sorts of options on strength and flavor! Only one less part to clean than your current maker after every brew but, to me, its sooo worth it!

  2. Laura @losingrace

    I’m with you, I LOVE baking more than cooking! Favorite dessert is definitely cheesecake, or my mom’s home made pies.

    I like seasons, it’s a change you can count on. Granted here in Upstate NY you can experience all 4 seasons in a day. Change can be a good thing, and I think the seasons are important mentally. Maybe that’s weird, guess I don’t know how to explain it :)

  3. grm059

    Fave dessert: probably ice cream, but I also really like a great mousse or tiramisu

    I’m looking forward to so many things in the fall – it’s my favorite season – my wedding anniversary, changing leaves, Octoberfest winery weekends, big sweaters, leggings, tall boots, perfect running weather, pumpkin everything, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  4. Tale of Two Sneakers

    My favorite dessert is banana bread pudding. My favorite resturaunt makes it and I could eat it all day long. I’ve been known to get a serving to go so I can have it for breakfast! I also love anything with apples. That is why the autumn is my favorite season. I love chilly weather, changing leaves and apples. If it could be autumn all year long I’d be a very happy girl!

  5. Nicole

    Favorite dessert: Hot Fudge Sundae

    I like having consistent weather….nothing too hot, nothing too cold. I think if I want a blast of heat, I’ll spend a weekend or two in the desert. If I want to see snow, I’ll visit my relatives in the Midwest or Seattle. :)

    This fall: My first triathalon! EEEK!! And seeing my twin nephews on their first birthday on November 1 in Seattle. :)

  6. Maria

    I’ve had a few grind and brews over the years and never had the problem of the lid sensor, but I have read that it’s a problem with the new(er) models. My old ones always pooped out about a year in, so I eventually gave up and I now have a Cuisinart coffee maker from Costco and a separate bean grinder where the grounds are stored in a pull-out drawer. This has been working well for me for over a year now. I have a friend that has a grind and brew (not Cuisinart) that makes single serve and you don’t have to clean out the grounds after each use (I think they’re pushed out to another part). I don’t remember the brand and I can’t find it anywhere.

  7. Tempie @ The Texas Peach

    The runner in me says I want 70 to 80° temps year round, but it would feel a little weird for it not to be a little chilly at Christmas time. I also love the cooler weather of Fall and seeing the leaves change color.

  8. Stacy

    Bodum French Press. It’s not electric and it doesn’t grind your beans…but it makes the best coffee! Just don’t make the mistake of drinking the last sip in your cup. There will be a little bit of bean remnants that sink to the bottom.

    And I tried Philz for the first time today..and your recommendation of the Joseph Wonderbar was spot on…YUMMM!!!

    1. Jacqueline

      Oh my gosh I’m so happy you like Jacobs WB!! Isn’t it the best!
      Nothing beats the French Press. With the amount of coffee we put away in the morning, the size wouldn’t cut it. We need an intervention. ;)

  9. Whine Less

    Can’t believe you said Holidays! So wrong, but if you are going there, the only reason I like fall (it’s my third favorite season) is my favorite holiday. Halloween!

    Favorite dessert is anything chocolate pastry/baked usually. Can be chocolate cheesecake. Chocolate cake. Yum!

    I like four seasons, as long as they are are mild. I totally like in the wrong place for that now. :-(

  10. grabyourkicks

    Fall is my favorite season, so even though it’s still summer, I’m looking forward to a little cooler weather in fall. In WI we have beautiful changing of the leaves and many festivals. Pumpkin is one of my favorite ingredients to bake with, so I’m also looking forward to baking with pumpkin. Oh, and pumpkin spice coffee, mmmmm!!!

  11. Kim

    I’m the complete opposite – I love to cook and hate to bake!! My baking attempts are usually entertaining but….
    I don’t drink coffee (weird but true) but my husband has a really great coffee maker – it is a Cuisinart and doesn’t have a carafe. It looks much cleaner on the counter and less to clean!!

  12. Hayley

    My boyfriend and I have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. It’s a cheap one from Target, but we love it! It does use a paper filter, but it has a timer, is easy to clean, and has a setting for “strong brew”. I love it!

    My favorite dessert is either cookie dough or custard. Cookie dough custard is the best. Yes. Cookie dough custard is my final answer!

    I’m from Wisconsin. So, I need my seasons! I could go without winter though. Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, etc. That would be ideal!

    This fall I might be running my first half marathon! AHHHHHH!

  13. Sonia Orban-Price (@themexigarian)

    Sorry, I am no help on the coffee maker part. That’s my husbands business. All I know is that there is a pot, and an on switch.

    I do love cheesecake, but I am very picky about it. My favorite has to be from Costco or especially homemade. I also love carrot cake. hell, I think I just love sweetened cream cheese and whatever vehicle it uses to get into my belly. haha.

    Fall, followed by spring. where the balance in weather is pretty damn good. Summer and winter can suck it, but I do enjoy the storms that arise within them.

  14. Karen L

    We have a Melitta Mill & Brew however they don’t make them anymore and I have NO idea why. It is the most WONDERFUL Grind and Brew machine ever made. Super easy clean up and rocks. If this baby every breaks I’m screwed…..:( I’m keeping an eye on the comments for ideas for a back up :)
    I LOVE seasons but don’t really have them here in TX. Right now your running options are Hot or Hotter!!!!
    Favorite Dessert…….Ginger Snaps and Milk Yummy.


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