Finding the new normal and visiting The Farm

One of the cool things about relocating is finding new running routes.  I see so much more on foot than I do driving around so it’s been fun exploring. 

In the past I never drove anywhere to run, but this time I’m driving a bit to find my new favorite route.  Well with the exception of yesterday – I didn’t have much ground to cover.


It’s been awhile since I did any strength training so yesterday I jumped back into it.  Man it felt so good to be back!  I try to strength train 3 to 4 days a week.


Sperry’s are totally the new cross training shoe of choice. 

Let’s be real, I was too lazy to change shoes. 


And ended the workout with a wall sit.  My quads were on fire at the end – I love that feeling!




Yesterday’s adventures took me through the countryside (shocking, right!) to a place called The Farm.  I saw it from the freeway when we were looking for a place and knew I had to go check it out.


The Farm is 100% certified organic and they grow a wide variety of fresh produce like strawberries, several types of lettuce, squash, tomatoes, pumpkins and a lot more that I can’t remember.   



I didn’t pick up anything as I just went to the grocery store the day before, but I can’t wait to go back.  Fresh picked produce is one of my favorite things ever.

I’m sure Mike would love to spend his Saturday picking flowers with me.  Winking smile  Maybe they should consider offering beer and a man chair.  Hah!


The field of flowers to choose from is a dream!


I’m off to do some more exploring and unpacking.  Yeah, there are still several boxes staring at me but having fun is more of a priority these days and that’s just fine with me.

Do you drive to run or just stay around your neighborhood?

How do you feel about organic foods?

I tend to spring a little more to buy the “dirty dozen” organic if possible.  Though I think some things like bananas are not worth the extra price tag.

I’m just throwing this out there -  are there any regulations on distance between conventional farms and organic farms?  We have only lived out here for a little over a week and have seen several crop dusters flying around and who’s to say the wind doesn’t carry the pesticides to another field? 

Just my thought for the day.


24 thoughts on “Finding the new normal and visiting The Farm

  1. Laura @losingrace

    Finding new running routes can be fun- and a good way to put a spark in your step! :)

    I have my “normal” routes around my house that I know the distances is of and such, but I also am willing to drive to run. We have some great parks in the area that are nice for running. I also have the canal path right near my office so sometimes (like tonight) I will plan on running there right after work.

    I like organic but I am not ALL about it. There are certain foods I will only buy organic (spinach!) based on things I have read but there are plenty of non-organic things I eat and love.

  2. heather

    When we lived in SF, my dog and I would walk everywhere. We would pick a park on the map and walk to it, just winding through streets and neighborhoods. We found the best stuff – secret staircases, hidden restaurants, fun neighborhoods.

  3. Jonelle

    Out here in the midwest, I just read an article in the local newspaper where one of the organic farmers in the area lost a good chunk of a field due to pesticide overspray from the next door neighbors…… So in Indiana, there’s no regulation.

  4. Tale of Two Sneakers

    Unfortunately my neighborhood isn’t so great for anything over 5 miles, so if I have 6 or more to run I have to drive to a local rail trail to run. It’s a bit of a hassle but the trail is really nice so it’s worth it in the end.

  5. kaitwatts

    You are absolutely right about the spray from a conventional farm blowing into the organic farms. As an environmental theorists, we study and discuss these issues all the time. There are no regulations on this but, rather an ethical issue.

  6. grabyourkicks

    I have my usual routes for runs, but I do enjoy driving to more scenic trails at times. We have a state park close by with lots of great trails to run on. I did drive to a paved trail a while back because Fleet Feet sets up a hydration station there every Saturday. Nice to see and run in other places! The miles seem to go by faster.

  7. Carson

    I drive to run. The road I live on is a little too busy for me to safely run on. I wish I didn’t have to drive because it is a little bit of a pain, not to mention I hate climbing in my car all sweaty after I am done.

  8. Jenny

    I am fortunate enough to live less than 1 mi away from the Los Gatos Creek Trail, so that is my normal route and I can’t complain! I do like to run in new places but if it’s 6AM I probably won’t drive anywhere far to run.

  9. olivetorun

    If the fruit or vegetable doesn’t have a peel or cover to take off then it is better to buy organic but things like bananas or kiwi- it doesn’t matter as much because you’re discarding the part that would have pesticides on it.

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