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Good morning!

I realized that I’m an imposter blogger.  Oaky, okay I can explain.  I’m not a fan of popular items the majority of the healthy living/running blog world seem to love.

I can’t be the only one, so I thought it would be a fun topic to talk about.  Click images for sources.

Nut butters

Confession: I have never loved nut butters.  Occasionally I don’t mind a PB&J sammich, but that’s only once or twice a year.  Oddly enough Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are one of my favorite candy. I know.


Ice cream and fro yo

Every blogger in the world seems to live for fro yo.  Maybe I’m exaggerating a little.  Like nut butters, I do like it occasionally but I have to be in the mood for it.  I prefer salty over sweet.  Feel free to send hate mail to


Ice Bath

I have never taken one.  I despise being cold, but I really want to try one soon to check out the recovery benefits.  Maybe I’ll give it a try when I bump up my mileage while training for the Iron Girl half.

6-29-12 ice bath 7

The Bachelor

Okay so this one might not be fair to add because I don’t watch too much tv, but I just don’t get the hype of it.  Maybe you can fill me in on why this show is so popular?  I’d rather watch Home Alone or Step Brothers.



It seems to be in everything right now.  Ginger beer, ginger in fresh pressed juice, ginger ginger ginger.  Yuck.  It’s right up there with rosemary in the book of Jacqueline.  Sorry my ginger loving friends.


Blog world things I do like:

  • Compression gear
  • BIC Bands
  • Fresh juice
  • Mango coconut water
  • Kale
  • Coffee, duh

Okay, share yours!


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