One of my favorite beach towns

Well hello there.  How’s your Sunday morning going so far?

I’m getting ready to head home to Fresno to visit my family.  It’s my niece, Alexa’s 2nd Birthday and I’m excited to see them!  The last time I think I was home was for Easter.

Anyway, since the Concours d’Elegance is in Pebble Beach, we didn’t want to deal with the traffic & tourist madness so we headed up north to one of my favorite little beach towns, Capitola.


I kept telling Mike this place is my jam.  It’s right up there with San Luis Obispo a.k.a SLO.  And that’s a big thing coming from me since I’m pretty much head over hills in love with SLO.


It was cloudy but warm, probably in the upper 60’s with no wind which means it was quite the popular place to be.


We had lunch at a little Mexican place downtown then we walked around until the mister need to re-beer.  Did I jus make up a new word?

We stopped at another restaurant with this killer view from the patio.  And once again I was begging Mike to move here.  He said something about Bam & I would die surely from skin cancer.  Whatev.

PS This is also the start line for the Mermaid Du.


I even had our dream home picked out and everything.  How could he not want to live right on this inlet?  Crazy boy.


We walked around downtown and popped into a cute little shop.  Oddly enough these rubber ducks drew us in.


Then I saw these bubbling bath salts and had to try them.  I went with a coconut-banana that smells like a cream pie.  So in other words incredible.  Basically my bathroom smells like a very clean hippie lives in it.


Capitola has the cutest little shops & boutiques.  I saw this dress as we were driving by and had to check it out up close.  I adore everything about this dress.  It was 100% hand stitched with my favorite colors.  Too bad the price tag was a little out of my price range.


But the salt water taffy shop was definitely more affordable.  So we stoppin in.

My favorites flavors are cupcake, red velvet, cinnamon and caramel apple pie.


What would your dream home look like?  Where would it be?

I would have a kick butt workout room with an awesome surround sound set at the perfect temp, a private chef on a warm, sunny beach with access to the most beautiful dog friendly trails.

Salt water taffy fans, what are your favorite flavors?


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