I didn’t know these things were possible

Happy happy Friday friends!

Yesterday I went to Target with 3 things on my list.

I walked out of Target with only those 3 things.  I didn’t know this was even possible. 


Then I went to Starbucks with Mike and started talking about the last time I had Starbucks.  It was so long ago I honestly couldn’t remember.  Thanks to the app, it turns out it’s been 6 days. 

Now tell me how that happened.  Tell me! 

It must be a new record for me.  I’m surprised they didn’t send me a get well soon card.


Another conundrum; how did the Type A in me let this happen?


Yes, I took that picture yesterday.

And while I’m confessing…this too.


Even Bam’s exhausted thinking about cleaning it.

So in between working on another project, I spent all afternoon cleaning and organizing.  I also set up the desk so I can stalk my favorite blogs, eye super cute running gear, check Instagram and play on Pinterest.  #totallynormal


I didn’t unpack this stuff, but we’ll just call it organized chaos for now.  Mmmkay.


I even gave gopher digging Bam a bath.  Dude had mud & grass stuck between his paws and his legs were covered in mud.  Must have been a fun time. 

I also swept the floors, vacuumed the couch, did a couple loads of laundry and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. 

I’m pretty sure this is what Mike was thinking when he got home from work:


Have you ever walked out of Target with only the things on your list?

I do believe this was the first time for me.  It’s actually sad.  Ha!

Do you enjoy cleaning & organizing?  If not, what would you rather be doing?

Usually yes.

Tell me 5 things you are going to do this weekend.


10 Comments on “I didn’t know these things were possible

  1. It’s the summer….save the organizing for later….enjoy your time exploring!!!!

    5 things I’m doing this weekend? Yard work, running, blogging, accompanying a friend to get a tattoo, and some general relaxing!

  2. I DO love to clean and organize I have CDO you know (it’s like OCD but better since it is in alphabetical order)
    5 Things I’m doing this weekend…….Running 14 miles, Drinking coffee, Boating, Drinking an adult beverage, hanging with the family in that order 🙂
    And NO I have NEVER walked out of Target with just the things on my list!!!!! That is TOTALLY unheard of!!!

  3. I can get ONLY the things on my list while grocery shopping, but NEVER at Target…you might be the first person ever.

  4. What, you only bought what you went in for at Target?!?! I must have read that wrong b/c it’s physically, mentally, and psychologically IMPOSSIBLE to do that haha.Good for you, I seriously think that deserves some type of award 😀

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