Rancho Cielo 5K race

Surprise!  SCB actually ran a race today!  I know.

I haven’t been racing as much as I used to because Mike has the weekends off and I’d rather hang out with him.  But he worked all weekend so girlfren decided to race.

Don’t get all crazy, it was only a 5K.  A hilly, J got her butt handed to her 5K but that sense of accomplishment after made me feel like a million dolla dolla bills yo.

The race was at Rancho Cielo in the outskirts of Salinas.  In other words lot’s of countryside, open spaces, farmland-pretty much my jam.


The course was hilly {especially for this girl} that also went along a beautiful pond.



I started out too fast – total rookie mistake but in my defense it was downhill.  My legs felt really strong and overall great throughout the race.  My stomach however did not the last mile or so. 

I’m starting to think it’s caused by dehydration.  I ate my usual pre race toast, a little bit of coffee, and a glass of water but I remember thinking I was a little thirsty at the start line.   I’ll have to work on that.


My unofficial time was 31:59 which is slow for me, but I’m really happy I got out there.  Earlier this week I talked about trying not to compare your current fitness level to your past level so I’m reminding myself to be thankful for where I am today.  Smile


I met this pretty girl Cara on the course.  We ran and chatted together for a bit.  She rocked the race and get this, she doesn’t even run regularly.  Turns out her boyfriend owns a CrossFit box in Salinas and she said that keeps her in shape.  I am starting to wonder what I’m missing on this CF stuff. 

The CrossFit team was playing dodge ball and she introduced me to her friends which were so kind & welcoming.  Thanks Cara for taking this orphan in!


Wow, it’s crazy how a 5K race can make you feel like yourself again.

What was the last thing you struggled with during your last race?

Any CrossFit friends out there?  How long have you been into it?  Tell me about it.

How has running changed you?


5 Comments on “Rancho Cielo 5K race

  1. congrats on your race! I’m doing a road race series with our memphis runner’s club and today was the second 5 miler. I struggled with the heat and humidity like I have all summer! But i made it plus an extra mile for my marathon training!

  2. I have to say running has given me a confidence in myself. I have always struggled with feeling confident and when I am able to go out there and kill a workout or complete a long run the feeling I get is unlike any other. It has taught me some days just suck and it has taught me that I am so much stronger than I thought!

  3. Congrats on getting the 5k done (and in a great time!) and meeting a new friend!

    Running has changed everything about me I feel like. I’ve been a runner for a long time, albeit a different runner now than I was in high school and college…but it never ceases to amaze me how much running has changed me and taught me about myself

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