Hiking Fort Ord

Hello to you and a new week!  I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.

I decided running a hilly 5K wasn’t torture enough so I went for a hike at Fort Ord with Michele.  The weather was too perfect not to get out and soak it all in. 


We started out at Badger Hill to do a 6 mile loop.  The scenery was incredible.  Perfectly sunny, white puffy clouds, nice breeze.  It was so beautiful, I ignored the snake warning signs.  


I didn’t realize we were going to hike for so long and I made the rookie mistake of not bringing water.  Thankfully Michele did – I’m sure I would have died of dehydration without it. 


The hills were brutal, but the views were worth it.  We had a map and these two chicks still got lost.  Ha!  Michele should come with a warning label.


Next time I will be better prepared and bring my Camelback.  I can’t wait to take on more terrain. 

{Near the top as we’re descending}


We saw several mountain bikers and I’m seriously thinking about trading in my road bike.  It looks like another awesome way to torture myself. 


We did a little over 8 miles and my lower body was toast.  Just the way I like it.


Here’s the elevation map from my Garmin.

Hike ele

Pounded a watermelon Nuun –>shower->Pro Compression->pizza & football.  Twas a freaking awesome night.


Others of us felt the same way.  I mean digging for gophers and laying out in the sun all day will take it out of you.


On a side note, I’m on the hunt for a lined windbreaker jacket so if you have a recommendation, please let me know.

Tell me 5 things you did this weekend.

Do you like feeling sore?

I love it, except when I want to run. 

What are 2 small goals you are going to work on this week?

Foam roll and hydrating before & during a run.


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  1. It was a beautiful weekend down in Monterey area 🙂 A little windy yesterday, but beautiful. I haven’t hiked in Fort Ord before, though I *think* that’s where they do the Big Sur Mud Run. Next time I’m down that was (with no art festivals to do) I’ll go check out the hike 🙂

  2. I like feeling sore from workouts because it means it is working 🙂

    5 things I did this weekend:
    1. Went to 1st baseball game in years
    2. Watched my fiance do a sprint triathlon
    3. watched a million episodes of burn notice while relaxing
    4. 20 mile run
    5. slept….a lot

  3. i am ALSO working on foam rolling more … it hurts so much! i googled “making foam rolling hurt less” for ways to save my poor IT band, but to no avail. another goal? trying to drink more water this week. and eat less sugar … the dark chocolate calls to me!

    • Ha I think foam rolling is supposed to hurt. I’ve heard we’re supposed to concentrate on the sore areas. Don’t worry, we can have a virtual foam rolling party and cry together. 😉

  4. I love my North Face windbreaker (from their outlet store). It’s actually a light rain jacket shell that I can also fit a light jacket underneath.

    LOVE feeling sore. I swear I am not a masochist. I just love that next-day soreness because it means that my sweat session wasn’t for nothin’!

    • Yesss!! Wanna go with me next time? Oh and PS funny story Mike & I picked up spicy buffalo cheese and I told him it reminded me of your habanero mac & cheese recipe. He got all crazy and asked me why I’ve never made it for him. Guess what I’ll be doing soon? lol

  5. 1. I ran 20 miles 2. I took an ice bath 3. I gave two tours of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio 4. I took a tour of the Hemingway birth home 3. I got ice cream and played my dad in chess (and lost!)

    I love feeling sore when I know I worked for it.

    I have to be better about foam rolling and hydrating too! I haven’t stretched since before my 20 mile run. Not Good.

  6. Five things I did this weekend:
    1. Fought a fire in Alaska
    2. Saw a grizzly bear eating a moose carcass
    3. Started a fire from a helicopter (on purpose)
    4. Ran 5.5 miles after only running once in 2 weeks (yikes)
    5. Camped by a river

    • I seriously love your stories! You have an amazing job. Do you get sent to help out on large fires? The Yosemite rim fire is OOC, it’s so sad.

      • Thanks. Yes, I do get to go to fires all lover the country. I didn’t make it to the Yosemite one, but I just got back from Alaska.

  7. I worked all weekend, so today is technically my Saturday… and I did a ton of cleaning and laundry (not much fun).

    I love feeling sore! It makes me feel like I actually did something.

    I echo the comment about the North Face. I have a North Face and love it. Mine has a zip out fleece jacket that I can wear by itself, so it is really 3 jackets in one. I wear it all the time.

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