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Hello, hello!

This girl is so sore from hiking the other day.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Yesterday was a rest day so I Bam & I chilled out the best way we know how…


I wasn’t completely lazy, I got a bunch of other stuff done, but soaking up the sun and reading about cool things to hit up on Highway 1 in Sunset Mag was a lot more fun.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a running pop quiz, and I know most of you love to talk about running as much as I do, so let’s get to it!

1.  Do you prefer to run a large race like Rock N Roll or smaller local races?  Why?

I’m a big fan of medium to smaller races just because I don’t have to wake up several hours early and worry about transportation to the start line.  Though I do love the energy and crowd support of large races like the SLO half.


2.  Do you typically to plan a vacation around a race?

Only twice, but it looks like I’m becoming “that” person.  The early start time is perfect, because we have the rest of the day to hang out.


3.  We always talk about things we need to work on, but tell me the   positive things you are good about doing before/after a run.

I’m good at rehydrating & eating within 30 minutes after and strength training.

4.  Gels/GU/gummy bears, what’s your favorite fuel?

Jelly Belly sport beans in lemon-lime.  I also like Shot Bloks in Margarita because the salt in them is pretty much heaven.  I also like Sharkies but I have never trained with them-they just rock. 


5.  What is one piece of gear you can not run without?

It’s a tie between my Mizuno’s & Garmin.  I guess shoes because I physically need them, but my Garmin because I mentally need it.  #iamsuchachick


6.  What is your favorite distance to run?

You know, I used to say the half marathon because it’s a distance you have to really train for and it’s not overwhelming, but now I’m really digging the 10K.  Maybe my fitness level is a little low right now, but I feel really good after and not completely drained.  So in other words I’m not useless for the rest of the day.  Winking smile

7.  What food or foods do not sit well on your stomach before a long run?

My stomach is so temperamental it’s really hard to tell.  I do know that I get dehydrated easily so I need to focus on hydrating a couple days before.

8.  What time of day do you run?

Only mornings.  I’m not sure why, but feel sick if I run any other time of day.

9.  What is the worst or most useless piece of gear you ever bought?

This little Nike key storage thingy.  <-technical term

I thought it was a great idea at the time, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it.


10.  How would you make a piece of gear better?  Or if you could design a product what would it be?

I despise my headphones.  I would love a wireless pair put I’m too cheap to fork out the big bucks for them.  I would love something to hold the headphone wires in place until I collect enough cans.  Winking smile  IMG_4848

11.  What’s on your fall race calendar? 

I’m am so excited about racing again!!  I will be doing the Mermaid Duathlon in October and the Iron Girl half marathon in November.

For the Mermaid Series use coupon code SCB all in caps.


If you want to join me, I have a couple coupon codes for both races. 

In case you’re cheap like me, the rate for the Mermaid Du increases September 1. 

  For the Iron Girl use coupon code SKINNYCHICK

IG Promo

Feel free to use these questions on your blog too and make sure to link back since I’m nosy and love reading everyone’s answers.  


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  1. Just got some Yurbuds and they were well worth the money. The cord doesn’t bother me, but I always run it down the back of my shirt to hold it down.

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