A little slice of home & another life change

Hello friends!  I hope you’re enjoying the extra long weekend.

Yesterday Mike took me to our favorite pizza joint, Me N Ed’s in Seaside.  Me N Ed’s is a Fresno area chain and I think this is the only location in Northern Cali.  It is seriously the best pizza I have ever had.  If you ever get a chance, definitely check it out.  Then write me a love note thanking me for the awesome life advise. 


We had some stuff to take care of and this beautiful beach called my name on my way home…Jacqueline….Jacqueline…so had to stop and enjoy it for a bit. 


70’s + sunny + a little breezy=doesn’t get better than that!  Oh wait, it would if I had my boogie board and wet suit.  Water in the 50’s = ouch. Winking smile


I have my doubts this view will ever get old.


When I finally peeled myself off the warm sand, I ran a bunch of errands including hitting up the mall to pick up a pair of shoes. 

I was on the hunt for plain white cross trainers.  Do you know how hard it is to find a dang pair of plain white shoes in a sea of neon?!

Why would SCB choose a plain ole white pair of cross trainers you ask?  Well this girl got a real people j-o-b!!    I’m keeping it private right now, but you might figure it out with the pic’s I’ll be posting.  Winking smile  It’s part time so don’t you worry, I will still be here to harass you guys on the daily.

Do I still meet the qualifications for a trophy wife?  Winking smile

The closest I could come to plain white are these Nike Free TR Fit 3 cross trainers.


And on my way out, these Coach shoes caught my eye.  I noticed they were $138 and 75% off so I bought those too.


I wore one of each shoe around the house for awhile and the Nike’s are the clear winner here.  They are lighter, much more flexible and a lot more comfortable.  Nike does it right.  I dig their gear big time.

Oh and I’m surprising myself by keeping up with my mini goal of foam rolling this week.  My hamstrings are feeling less tight which is really nice.


In case you’re wondering, that is a police scanner in the upper left.  I am addicted to that thing.  I have 4 police channels, EMT, fire and life flight {helicopter} programed and know every single code.  So that totally makes me a nerd, right?


It was a gift from Mike a couple years ago and I listen to it all the time.  I turn it on when I buzz around the house cleaning, doing laundry or just hanging out.  He laughs because he’s given me jewelry and I’m like ahhh, but I listen to that dang scanner every day for years. 

Hey man, I’m really easy to please. 

What is your favorite pizza joint? 

What nerdy things do you like?

Any other police scanner addicts out there?


7 Comments on “A little slice of home & another life change

  1. Love those Nikes! And I can’t wait to try to figure out what your job is! Haha Congratulations!

  2. I didn’t think it was possible but the police scanner has officially made me love you a little more. We use to listen to the police scanners on long road trips and sometimes at my grandparents house while we were younger.
    CONGRATS on the job!!!

  3. Congrats on the new job! Can’t wait to hear about it! And love the new shoes!

    Nerdy thing I just did- I’m on vacation in Washington and I brought my chia seeds from home…they’ll be makin fun until their omega-3’s start to plummet! 😉

  4. Congrats on the new job!! Can’t wait to try and figure out what it is!
    My oldest son (he’s a HS freshman) wears white all the time (white Nike T-shirt & white Nike shorts) including white Nike shoes.

  5. Congrats on the new job girl!!!! That’s super exciting!!!! It would be hard for me to buy plain white shoes…even if they were for work…my personality needs to come screaming through. LOL

  6. I used to date a firefighter- we ALWAYS listened to a scanner.

    I’m really jealous you can just stop at the beach while running errands… like seriously green with evny right now!

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