Whipped cream wasted

Happy Labor Day!!  What are your plans for today?

I realized it had been 4 days since my last run.  What in the heck is wrong with me?  So I set out to do 3 easy miles at a very comfortable pace.

My Garmin beeped at mile 1 9:05  Whaaaat?  That’s not an easy pace for me, slow it down a bit J.

Mile 2  9:03  Well I guess I’m going for negative splits now.

Mile 3  8:35  Yeah that was not an easy pace.  Can I die now? 


Oh well maybe next time I will actually slow it down but until then, I am very happy with my pace.

Another butt print for you guys.  This should be Nike’s new subliminal advertising campaign. 

I seriously don’t know why this is so funny to me, so let’s just roll with this one mmmkay.


Oh and I’m happy to report I met last weeks mini goal of foam rolling.  It makes a huge difference as my hamstrings aren’t as tight as usual.


After a shower we headed out in search of lunch.  I had no idea Pacific Grove {PG} has a downtown until Mike mentioned heading there for lunch.  I love that it’s off the touristy path plus it’s a cute little town.  They call it Butterfly Town.


We had burgers at 17th Street Grille which were really good. 


And then cruised around town until we wanted our afternoon coffee fix. 


I dig that Mike loves coffee as much as I do.  It could be midnight and if I suggest coffee, he’s down.

The Starbucks on Cannery Row is not the best choice of location as it’s in the heart of tourist country, but they have my beloved Clover so it’s worth chancing a 24 minute parking spot for it.


Then we stopped at the grocery store on our way home and when I saw beautiful strawberries on sale, I knew strawberry shortcakes were in our future.  Mike makes the best homemade whipped cream.  And since I always want what’s best for you I will give you his secret recipe.

1 pint of heavy whipping cream

A couple tablespoons of sugar

Splash of vanilla

Put it all in a food processer until it’s rich & creamy


Then get your dog whipped cream wasted by letting him lick the bowl clean.


On a random note, have I ever told you that Bam get’s scared easy?  And then right after he get’s really crazy and playful.  It’s they funniest thing!

Well funny story, he was eating and I walked up quietly behind him and stomped my foot on the floor right beside him.  His mouth was full of food and when he whipped his head to the side food flew out of it on the floor in a line.  Oh my gosh I could not stop laughing!

Then he started running around the house wanting to play so of course I joined in.  I love that little guy.

Do you follow a training plan and do speed work, fartlek’s, etc?  Or just run?

I just run.  Maybe I’d be faster if I focused on speed work, but it’s just not my thing.

What is your favorite dessert ever?

I can’t be trusted with cheesecake topped with fresh berries.

What are 5 goals for September?


8 Comments on “Whipped cream wasted

  1. My favorite dessert is fresh strawberry cake. Cold preferably, but I’ll take it anyway you want to make it :-). I try and do some speed work once a week. Nothing crazy like mile repeats but 200’s or 400’s.

  2. I need to do some speed work. But, I’m training for my first half and my only goal is to finish the thing. Maybe once I have one under my belt I’ll focus more on getting speedy!
    My favorite dessert: geez, that’s tough. Cake. White cake with the good, sugary frosting. I’m a simple girl.

  3. No training plans for me – I just run the way I feel that day!!!
    Looks like y’all are adjusting well to your new location and home – love all the pictures of your exploring!!!

  4. I did a tempo run this morning at marathon pace plus some easy miles. I don’t have an offical training plan but I use my husband as my “coach” I do 2 speed workouts a week, a long run, and the rest is easy running.

  5. HAPPY LABOR DAY!! I am in love with ANYTHING dark chocolate! My five goals:
    1) start going to bed 30 minutes earlier
    2) Make one new recipe a week
    3) Keep my marathon training up!
    4) Study, study, study
    5) No TV/phone during meals!


  6. I’ve never followed any kind of training plan. I don’t like to be told what type of run I should do. I base my runs on how I feel on that particular day. If I’m not feeling a long run, then I’m not going to force myself to do one. I’ll do run/walk intervals that day instead. Back when we had a gym membership, I would do speed work on the treadmill, but that was mainly just to prevent boredom. It’s a lot tougher for me to do speed work outdoors.

  7. Goals: 1. get up earlier 2. do more yoga 3. stay on top of painting 4.strength train 5.survive the mileage increase.

    I’m following the marathon training program on my runkeeper app. the only issue with it, is that the longest run is only 18 miles. . . i dunno how I feel about that.

    now I want strawberry shortcakes. mmmm, i love me a good cheese cake.

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