Why I don’t have flat abs

Good morning friends!  How’s your week coming along?

Well by the looks of this pic, I’m sure you can guess how mine is going…


Funfetti is my all time favorite boxed cake mix and homemade cream cheese frosting is well, to die for.  You are not allowed to disagree with me on this mmmkay.  Winking smile


So let’s just file this under #whyidonthaveflatabs

Speaking of cupcakes and flat abs…I’ve been thinking of ways to stay hydrated while running and I’m curious about what works for you?


My friends on Instagram were very helpful, so I thought it would be worth mentioning on here too.

I’ve tried things like this hydration belt before but wasn’t a fan.  Maybe it was the way it was made or the brand?  I don’t know.  I do not like carrying stuff in my hands while running other than Jelly Belly’s.  And even then it’s less than desirable for me.

So how do you stay hydrated?

If I drive to run, I bring a large bottle of ice water and park at the half way point.  If not, I look for a water fountain.  I miss running back home where my in laws water hose was my pit stop.  Plus I just miss having those folks close by.

How do you hold/store your fuel/keys, etc?

I have the iFitness Belt and love it.  I seriously can’t say enough good things about it.  

What is your favorite boxed cake & icing flavors?


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  1. I use a flip belt for storing all of my stuff during a run but I ran with my camelbak for the first time last weekend and really loved that. I could store things and I had a TON of water! Huge fan!

  2. I hate things bouncing around my waist while running. So if I have to carry water I strap one bottle to my hand. I tie my key into my shoe laces and shove fuel into the too-small pocket in my running shorts, the pocket on my water bottle and into my sports bra. 😉

  3. I have a SPIbelt, but I only use it at big races so I can carry my phone to call/find my people after I’m done. I don’t generally fuel/hydrate during runs. When I do, I make loops to go back around by my house/car to grab a drink/eat something. I keep my key in the pocket of my shorts and haven’t had a problem with it there (yet).

  4. TOO FUNNY. I use a handheld water bottle. I’m like you and don’t like to carry a lot of extra junk in my trunk. I will leave water bottles if I need to refill or run in the park which has water fountains and re-up. Also when I do my long runs on wknds I run w my running group and they statsh ice cold water and gatorade along the course.

  5. I also try to park at the half way point if I drive somewhere to run. Fleet Feet offered a hydration station at a trail close by all summer which was nice. My longer runs are usually done with a running group that sets up hydration stations so I don’t have to worry about it. Otherwise, I run in loops past my house or by water fountains.

    As for storage, I love my Flipbelt! Wear it every run.

  6. If I need to carry water I take a plain old bottle and just hold it in my hand. If I run in the city, there are fountains available in the park with nice cold water. If I’m out in the country there’s a fruit stand that I can stop at and refill from their hose.
    Most of my shorts have pockets that will hold a couple of gels, and if not I just safety pin them to my waistband.
    I tried a belt once and it was so uncomfortable I didn’t even make it out the door before ditching it.

  7. I’m training for a marathon and found that my Amphipod hydration belt was a little too uncomfortable because I had to wear it extremely tight to avoid bouncing plus I ran out of water on an 18 mile run. So not awesome! I just receive my Nathan Intensity hydration backpack and I’m in love with it so far. It holds 2 liters of liquid and is made specifically for women. I too hate holding anything while running and this so far is the answer for me.

  8. I am with you, love love love funfetti!

    If I need hydration while running I will carry my handheld water bottle (I have a few, in different brands and sizes). Or I will run loops so I can stop at the house or at the car to grab fuel part way through.

    As for carrying things, if it’s just my keys I will put my key in my shoe or in little shorts or shirt pocket (if there is one). I also have a fuel belt but I don’t usually use that unless I am in a race.

  9. I use a handheld water bottle but sometimes have to refill it. Sometimes we’ll stop at a fire station and get water if we pass one, They are always very sweet to us! They have ice and plenty of water!

  10. Love Funfetti cake and the matching frosting!!! Flat abs are over-rated!!! And my list of why I don’t have them is long!!

  11. I have a Nathan handheld bottle with a pocket on it to put my crap in. I also have a Camelbak dart pack for my long runs that I like because it is lightweight and I forget that it’s there for the most part.

  12. Oh how I love Funfetti cake! And cream cheese frosting is amazing too. Ever tried Sour Cream frosting? It’s pretty darn awesome! Can’t help on the hydration belt questions, but I’m sure taking notes on all of the responses as I’ve been wondering about them too.

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