When to retire running shoes

I started writing this last night, then Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s came on and sucked all of the creativity out of me.  Oh wait, I have no creativity….never mind.

Yesterday I realized something really cool while I was running-I get to enjoy 2 summers this year!  The Monterey area has an Indian Summer and is generally warmer from September-November.  This makes me very happy!


Obviously I am exempt from that whole don’t wear white after Labor Day rule.

I came home and made a huge salad with extra pickles the size of my face.


Then headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and ponder life with the Bam.  He’s trying to coax the gopher out.


I have a very important question for you guys.


My Mizuno’s have close to 500 miles on them.  I can usually go 400ish before I start feeling achy and sore.  I’m still feeling good, so should I retire them or keep going until they die?

How many miles do you get out of your running shoes?

Tell me 4 things you are looking forward to this weekend?


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  1. I used to get new shoes every 400-500 miles, and then I started getting injuries. So now I run my shoes literally until they die, or until my feet start aching. I’ve saved money AND stopped getting so many injuries…

    I’d say if you’re not feeling achy, keep running in them!

  2. HI! I’ve only been get about 185 out of my Saucony Kinvara’s but I think that is pretty good they are a bit minimalist so less miles in them before they are wearing out. I think if you don’t hurt don’t change them up but that’s just me. 4 things this weekend: Having the hubby home, considering writing on my blog again (fingers crossed), runday sunday, wine <—that counts right?! Have a good one!!

  3. Keep going until they die! At least that’s my philosophy. Especially when they are super fly like the kicks in reference.

  4. I just bought my third pair of shoes. I seem to get around 400 miles and then my knees start hurting and my legs ache. I did my third run this morning in my new shoes, and my knees felt a lot better. I would listen to your body.

  5. IMO I would buy new shoes and have them on standby. I have 2 pairs of the same exact pink Newtons I’m wearing right now. But I have about 4 pairs total I rotate often so I don’t wear ’em out. I don’t play around with running shoes.

  6. Get new shoes and start rotating them in, but keep going on your old shoes as well until your body tells you it’s time to retire them… your body WILL tell you!

  7. This is bad, but I don’t track the miles on my shoes. I’m hoping I haven’t run too much in them and can make it until next spring before getting a new pair. I have the Mizuno elixir 8s which I love and they discontinued 🙁

  8. I think I’d be safe and go ahead and get a new pair. That way you’re at least covered. And who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?!

    I’m ready for some Ole Miss football in the Grove, running, organizing my closet (really), and playing with my dogs right up until I have to go to sleep Sunday night! An added thing I’m excited for: the nap I’m about to take 😉

  9. I am looking forward to an ‘autumn feeling’ weekend, picking up a gift certificate I won for entering a relay race, doing some yard work, and putting flannel sheets on my bed. Yes….the temperatures have started to dip enough that I think they are warranted!

  10. I say wait until you feel like you need them. I don’t track miles on mine I just go by feel.
    I am looking forward to my 16 mile run in the AM and watching some 11U baseball this weekend. 🙂
    Happy Friday!!

  11. I have been getting a new pair of shoes after 300-400 miles and have felt MUCH better!!! I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow, a yoga class with my friend Sunday, a WARM weekend in SF (finally), and a weekend sweet treat that I plan on having!

  12. I get about 400 miles out of mine, but I run them until I start to feel a bit of pain (at which point I get new ones immediately).

    As of last year, I buy two pairs at a time and alternate them. I find they each last longer and I am not buying shoes every few months.

    New shoes! I a excited for you! 🙂

    Did Bam get his gopher?

  13. Retire your shoes. Go shopping and get a new pair and then start the transition. You don’t want to wear your shoes too long and end up getting injured/get shin splints. At the same time, listen to what your body tells you – it’ll tell you when you need to make the full transition. I always look at the soles of my old shoes compared to my new shoes after I get them. Usually I don’t think I’ve worn out my shoes as much as I have but the soles tell all.

  14. I call myself princess and the sneaker because it seems that as soon as my sneakers show the first sign of wearing, I can no longer run in them comfortably. I usually start to notice this issue on the early side – around 300 miles (which I am at right now but feel nothing so far actually!)…I know for me, I can’t run if my shoes are worn at the front, which is wear I normally feel it. If you have aches and pains, I say it is time to move on to the new pair.

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