How I started running

September is kind of a special month for me.  4 years ago I laced up an old pair of gym shoes and decided to give running a shot.

I’d been reading blogs for awhile and was inspired by others training and race reports.  I am so blonde I honestly had no idea adults ran races.  I’d heard of the Boston Marathon and all but it never occurred to me there were local races I could participate in.  I know.

The most important piece of information for new runners I gathered, was to start out slow and get fitted for the correct running shoe.  Since I wasn’t exactly sure I even liked the sport, I waited on the shoes but I started out running a quarter mile at a time. 


I didn’t have a fancy Garmin so I drove a strip of sidewalk by my house to figure out the distance.  Then I’d run back & forth to make it easy to keep track of my distance.  I also had a pedometer but I don’t think it was very accurate.  

The Type A in me has logged every run from the beginning.  #sorryimnotsorry


I even called myself the “J” word.  Gasp!

Looking back I was probably taking it a little too slow, but it was instant love so I started training for my first race at the end of the following month.  I ran the Susan G Komen 5K and that sense of accomplishment had me hooked ever since. 


When I knew this running thing was going to be a long term relationship and I went to my local running store to be fitted for my first pair of real running shoes {Mizuno’s in case you’re wondering}

Over time my love for running grew as I trained and signed up for races as well as my gear collection.  Is it bad that I have more workout gear than real people clothes? 

Don’t answer that.

I never, ever thought I would love a sport that was used for punishment in high school so much.  I was also surprised to find that I prefer endurance over speed.  I hope to continue running for the rest of my life, body permitting. 

What inspired you to start running?

What gear do you think every runner should own?

What was your first race?  What distance?


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  1. I wanted to get more active, so hubby and I signed up for a half marathon. Couldn’t start with a 5K, could we lol. It has not deterred me from running, though it was difficult to train for. I love long distance, but also really enjoy the 5ks and 10ks. I hope to do a variety in the next year!

  2. I started running when i was told at 40 that i had osteoporosis. i was told it was good for your bones. fell in love with it.

    I dont remember my first race, but it would have been a 5K here in So Cal. My first 10k was the Manhattan Beach 10k which is a hard hilly race. Now I’m doing half marathons (injured right now unfortunately) and plan on doing many more.

    I think an important piece of gear is something to track your mileage/pace. I use Endomondo and cant be without it. And a cute outfit of course!

  3. My husband inspired me to start running. I watched him for years and then I slowly got into it. My first race was a 5k in college – I thought i was going to die. haha Then my next a couple years later was a half marathon and from there it kept going up!

  4. Ah go you four years ago – bet it feels like a lifetime right?!

    I’m coming up to my proper one year anniversary in November – when I started actually trying to run properly instead of giving up everytime I decided I couldn’t do it anymore.

    Cannot wait for my next year when I am hoping to smash lots of PB’s!


  5. Bahahaha. I honestly didn’t know the distance meanings. 5k. Marathon. Same thing in my head. Lesson learned.

    A self proclaimed hater of running, wanted to prove to myself that I could complete a 10k. so i started training and did it
    . first official race I ran 🙂 (i did walk the 9 miler in Big Sur, and was even more inspired by the runners around us and the whole atmosphere) The more I saw improvements in my running, the more I begun to enjoy it. haha. took me a while.

    Every runner should own a good pair of shoes, a hat and a hydration carrier of some sort.

    The J word. haha. Love it.

  6. I have always loved running :p, I used to be fat when i was a kid and i sucked at tag but i’d still push myself to run after the other kids :p. I was born and raised in Mexico City and so when i turned 15 i moved to Canada to live with one of my aunts, she was the first one who really introduced me to the treadmill :p, then since i started going to High School in Canada and didn’t understand any English, the teachers put me in Cross Country and Track and Field, so from there i was hooked even more into running. I completely sucked at Track and Field because running fast is not my thing but now Cross Country was awesome to me 😀 .

  7. I LOVE the photo of your running calendar… I am a serious nerd and log my workouts in multiple places (Some hard copy, rest online) so I can totally appreciate this.

    My first race was a 5k (I’m not including my high school and college track days)… crazy to look at how far we’ve come!

  8. I have had this same sort of blog post floating around in my head for a while now, I think I need to get it published soon. I noticed the J word on your calendar instantly…that was the first clue to how old the pic was.
    Shoes would be the easy answer for essential running gear, but I’ll go with a GPS watch. I found that the addition of the GPS was what really helped me get serious about running.
    My first running race was a 5K on September, 9 2012 (yes, that is exactly one year ago today).

  9. Happy Runniversary!

    I was inspired by my family who all run and made me feel left out unless I started. Now I love it more than them, I think. Go figure.

  10. I also own more workout clothes than human clothes. It’s okay, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I started running in college when I was no longer playing school sports. It kept me sane and helped me de-stress. Now I am addicted and if I miss a day or two of running due to work/sickness I get antsy.

    I think every runner should own a pair of shoes fitted for them and comfortable running sports bra/top/bottoms. GPS watches are fun, but not completely necessary if you don’t have the budget for them.

    My first race was a Nike 10k in Santa Monica and the one right after that was Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Those hills were rough.

    Love your Bam pics!!

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