A little housekeeping & the irony

12 years later, I will never forget waking up to a talk show playing on my alarm and wondering if it was a cruel joke.  Then watching the footage feeling numb, in shock and that feeling of overwhelming sadness.   

I am so thankful for those who serve to help and protect others.

9/11/01 Never Forget.



So far my week is going swell.  I mean how could it not when I get to come home to this little guy?


If I don’t blog about it, it never happened right?  Monday’s run was a reminder that I really lack the skills to beat the heat.  It was a hot one, but so happy I got ‘er done.


Oh the irony of the post I did a couple days ago on how I eat with IBS.  I have been feeling off & and lacking energy all week so I’m trying a few new things I’m hoping will help bounce back.  This girl needs to run, yo!

While I was out running errands, I stopped into Jamba Juice for a fresh squeezed orange & carrot juice.  It’s one of my favorite blends and I love that it’s simple.  Orange, carrot and ice-that’s it. 


Yesterday I busted out the juicer.  1 green apple, 1 cucumber, 3 stalks of celery & 1 lemon.  It was tart so I think I’ll add a carrot next time.  I sipped on this while making chicken and veggies for lunch.


Then Mike had a great idea of making my own cinnamon raisin bread.  I knew there was a reason why I married that man. 

It’s my favorite breakfast along with a banana, coffee & water.  So the last 2 weeks I’ve been making a loaf from scratch.  Which just means I throw the ingredients in the bread machine and press a couple buttons.  It’s a tough job.


In other news the last 3 weeks or so, SCB went self hosted and got a mini face lift.  I hired a web wizard, Nick who is freaking amazing.  He is also a runner and is training with his adorable daughter for a 5K race this month so feel free to stop by his site and encourage them.  Smile    

Since I’d rather run in the mud than try to figure out what CSS & HTML mean, Nick took care of every technical issue that popped up.  Plus he put’s up with me so that automatically makes him a gem.   

New features on SCB:

  • Pin It button on all pictures.  Simply hover over the image for the button to appear.
  • Contact form allows you to shoot me an email directly from the blog.  If you prefer to email the ole fashion way, my email address is j@skinnychickblog.com
  • Even more mobile friendly.  It’s the basic site, no sidebars, etc but it should run a lot more smoothly.
  • Related posts at the bottom of each post. I think it’s fun to read especially when I’m browsing a new to me blog.
  • Floating social media sidebar.  This takes away some of the clutter on the sidebar.  I’m still feeling like the blog is cluttered so I’m looking into options.

And if you still can’t get enough of my hotness, you can subscribe to receive and email every time a new post goes up on SCB. 

I have no idea why I’m feeling so nice today.  Winking smile

Any others who like to juice?  Please send me your favorite blend.

What is your favorite time of day to run?


Is there another change/feature you would like to see on SCB? 


12 Comments on “A little housekeeping & the irony

  1. i want to juice. i’ve been waiting for my sister to give me one of hers. i mean, who needs TWO juicers?? haha.

    that green juice is insanely bright. kind of like the radioactive ooze from TMNT’s. secret of the ooze. health! 🙂

    i love cinnamon raisin bread. so delicious. i need to bust out my bread maker. it’s somewhere on the self collecting dust.

    i have been enjoying running mornings. getting it done, up and out before the rest of the neighborhood with only other crazy runners bouncing their bright reflective clothes around. the afternoons are just too hot. though I weirdly did my fastest pace since april, on monday afternoon when it was sweltering out. sub 10 avg! yay!

  2. I use my bread maker all the time for pizza dough…yum.

    I like to run during my lunch break…love the hottest time of day for running. Well, not really, but it’s the best time for me to gt it in.

    One thing I would like to see on the site (it’s minor) is a link at the end of each post to go read the next/previous post. I didn’t realize how much I used it until it disappeared.

  3. I love running in the mornings but it doesn’t always work out! I really need to get into juicing, there are so many benefits and I have had a juicer since we got married 2 years ago! Would love any recipes you have!

  4. I love all the changes in your site – looks great (and it is much easier for me to leave comments!).
    I like to run first thing but it doesn’t really matter since I run on my treadmill most of the time.

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