The eye of the tiger & let’s talk about shoes

Hi friends!

You guys!  Mike has finally perfected our current favorite chicken recipe.


The secret ingredients:


He sliced it and put it over steamed rice while I whipped up a chili/soy sauce.


I guess this weeks mini goal is to juice once a day.  Yesterday I whipped up one of my favorite cocktails yet.  In the mix was half a cucumber, carrot, lemon, apple with a splash of agave.


The only downside to juicing is there are a lot of parts to clean, but to me it’s worth all of the health benefits.


All week I’ve been lacking in the energy department.  I have no idea what’s going on, but a workout never lets me down.  So turned on Pandora while I did a little strength training.  Then I had “I got the eye of the tiger”… song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Nice. 


Turns out that was exactly what I needed because I felt so much better and ready to take on the world.  Or do laundry.  Whatever. 

Oh and you have not lived until you’ve found yourself in an awkward position foam rolling. 



In other news let’s talk workout shoes!!


Last week Skora Running sent me a pair of Phase running shoes.


These kicks are a whole new world to me and from what I’ve read it’s advisable to slowly transition into them.  I’ve been wearing them all week to run errands, clean the house, etc.  I shall report back on my thoughts.


If you remember a couple weeks ago I picked up 2 pairs of white tennis shoe for my new job that requires all white.  Well, the Nike’s are the clear winner here so I returned the Coach shoes.


Then yesterday this pretty girl posted an {almost} all white pair of Mizuno’s she snagged on super clearance on IG and we all know my obsession with Mizuno so I bought those babies right away.  Thanks for feeding into my shoe addiction Sara!


On that note, I better go tell the hus about this purchase before I hit publish.  Winking smile

Have you ever tried minimalist running shoes?  What are your thoughts?

Nope, this is my first pair.

Where do you usually buy your running shoes?  What brand & style are you rocking?

Lately Road Runner Sports, but I’ll go wherever I find a good deal.

Ever known someone who won the lottery?

My step grandfather won it yesterday.  It’s crazy and I’m so happy for him!


11 Comments on “The eye of the tiger & let’s talk about shoes

  1. Congrats to your step grandpa! I’ve won like $10 with the lottery which goes right back to buying another ticket. lol.

    I haven’t tried minimalist shoes other than the 5 seconds in the store and did not like the feel. I guess I should give them another try since I was told it’d be good for me. I tend to go to RRS since I get discounts for shoes. I get everything else at sports basement 🙂

    I really want to juice. damn it.

    • If anything, wearing zero drop, flexible, and neutral shoes casually or during strength work will help with strength, posture, and stability. That sounds pretty good to me 🙂

  2. Have you ever tried minimalist running shoes? What are your thoughts?

    Yes – Love them – I find them super comfy to run in. My fav’s are the Saucony Kivara’s…but I also really like the Virrata’s

    Where do you usually buy your running shoes? Free shipping and we have a discount code for 15% off all the time…score

  3. I run shorter distances in minimalist shoes…New Balance Minimalist…I do love the feel of them….but it sure takes a slow progression of mileage!!!

    I once worked at a drugstore where a father and daughter both brought in winning tickets. Apparently they had played the same numbers and didn’t even know it.

  4. So glad you bought the shoes!! 🙂 Hope the husband isn’t too mad, but hey you can’t beat the price!! Let me know how you like them! I think I will be trying mine out on Saturday’s run!

  5. I have run in all kinds of minimalist shoes, anywhere from a 4mm drop to zero’s…they are about all I wear. I’ve run in Saucony’s (Kinvara, Virrata, Hattori), New Balance (Minimus Road Zero) and Newton (Distance). Be smart about the transition though, your calves will thank you!

  6. Love love love the way you put it: “You have not lived until you’ve found yourself in an awkward position foam rolling.” I kind of refuse to foam roll at the gym because it feels so awk to do in public!

  7. My first pair of “running” shoes were the Nike Free Runs and I loved them. Granted, I only ran a max of 5 miles in them at a time. After I started running more they got booted. They are comfy to wear for errands though! And they’re usually super cute.

    I buy my shoes at Athletic Performance in Los Gatos lately, but I love me a good online deal!

  8. I’ve never tried minimalist before (I feel the Mizuno obsession). I always buy my shoes at my local Fleet Feet. The people who work there are super nice and helpful.

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