Blog link up & a GI update

Yesterday was spent making up for lost time with this furry face.  As you can see he was pretty excited about it.


Then I caught up with my main man over lunch at Olive Garden.  If given the option, I will most likely choose the OG.  My love for Italian food is right up there with coffee. 


Speaking of coffee, I am never taking this shirt off.  Ever.  Even if there’s a fire.


Yup, I be rocking SCB on the bum and I am totally okay with this.  #ihavenoshame

It was a tough decision between coffee & cupcakes, but my love for coffee is still going strong.


Then my afternoon was spent is a highly undesirable place…


I saw my new GI doc since we relocated.  I guess the good thing about this is I got a second opinion about what’s going on and it’s the same exact diagnosis – IBS and the gallbladder are punks.  He ordered more testing and said “I want to start with the least evasive treatment possible.” 

Look at him, already making friends.

After a busy day off, I would love to do this all day today.


But Santa’s coming, there’s so much to do.


My virtual friend Katrina emailed me about a fundraiser she & her running team are apart of.  If you have a couple bucks to spare, I’m sure they would really appreciate your donation.

I am going to be running the Two cities half marathon on Nov 3 and I am excited to be raising funds for MASH runners. 

MASH runners raise funds for Medical Ministries International – they are a local non profit group who use surplus medical supplies that are discarded from local hospitals and physician’s offices and send them to 3rd world countries.  They have set up clinics and truly save lives with supplies that would otherwise end up in landfills 

I am very proud to be running with more of a purpose this time around.  

I am asking for any support possible – if you would be able to donate I would be ever so grateful!

If you have a blog and/or social media account, feel free to link up in the comments!

If you had the entire day free, how would you spend it?

Would you rock an SCB tank?


22 Comments on “Blog link up & a GI update

  1. omg !! i like the tank and yes i’d totally wear it since i’m also a coffee addict 😀

  2. I would totally wear one of the tanks…LOVE it!!!

    A free day would start with a run, an hour to shower without a 2 yr old busting in on me, a really good book and a coffee shop, and a little retail therapy. I love scouring discount stores and thrift stores for killer deals.

    I blog about running, cooking, being a Stay At Home Mom at

  3. An ENTIRE day? I have no idea…I haven’t had one of those in almost 5 years (mom). I would start it with an 8 am run in the day light, then shower and get pretty. Grab a coffee, read, maybe do some shopping or take a Barre class. Visit with my best friend at some point, work in my scrapbooks, oh my so many things!

  4. I would wear the tank because it looks super comfy…I don’t drink coffee…I know…you are shocked! Now if it said blue slushie…I’m all over that!!!

    Bam must have been super excited to spend some QT with you!!!!

  5. With a whole day free I’d sleep for as long as humanly possible…I have a lot of lost time to make up for!
    I just started blogging again after a 2 year break! My twins are now 2 and I MIGHT have the time now 🙂 My blog is about kids, food and running!!!

  6. Love the tank! Looks very comfortable and my style. If I had a free day (I did for about 3 months over the summer which was lovely) I would spend it running early and shopping, lots of shopping!

  7. I haven’t had an entire day free in so long…
    Sleep late, lots of coffee, hiking with the hubs and pups, afternoon nap, run in the evening, go to bed early (I am so lame).

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