We have no shame

Knowing there would possibly, most likely, almost certainly be a feed me now and no one get’s hurt crisis, Mike woke me up extra early so we could get to the vampires right after they opened. 


Because he is a smart man, he took me out to the biggest breakfast ever!  The waiter must have known we love our coffee so he set a giant carafe on our table.  You can bet there wasn’t a drop left.  #wehavenoshame


Our schedules have been super crazy the last few weeks, it felt so nice to sit down for a meal and chat without having to rush off somewhere.  I really treasure those times.

The afternoon was rough.  Bam & I hung out in the backyard and while he chewed his butt, I painted my nails.  They basically look like a melted Hershey bar.  Told ya I’m not crafty in the least bit.  And I watched the airshow practice right over our house.  It was pretty darn cool.IMG_6084

I came inside to check on Bam and he was…well…doing nothing.  I’m sure it was everything he thought it would be.


Or maybe he was dreaming about this Halloween costume?


I totally made up for that heart attack on a plate by juicing.  I’m even now, right?  RIGHT?


Do you dress your pet up for Halloween?

Nope, never but I think it’d be funny to dress Bam up as a squirrel or gopher.

What is your usual go to breakfast?

A banana, cinnamon raisin toast, a glass of water & coffee.

What was the best part of your week?

Definitely having breakfast with Mike.


4 Comments on “We have no shame

  1. My dog could probably kill me if I tried to dress her up, but I really want to!! Best part of my week will actually probably be tonight to spend some down time with the hubby!

  2. Never dressed mine up, but I love looking at the little costumes they make for dogs.

    Best part of my week was sleeping in this morning… I feel like I wake up before 6am every day lately.

    Bam would be adorable as a squirrel. You should totally go for it.

  3. Ha no we never dress up our dogs. I always feel sorry for them when others do. They look so mortified!!!
    Best part of the week….well really it was this past weekend….family bike ride to Sunday Breakfast and then a ride to the part. Good stuff……and your right we should all treasure those times.

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