Brick workout & a Garmin watch multisport tutorial

I got my first brick workout in yesterday for the Mermaid Duathlon next month.  I farted around the house too long, then got hungry for second breakfast so I had a snack plate that included crackers, cottage cheese, a cheese stick and & salami {<-meal of champions yo} about an hour before plus it was almost 80 degrees.

Lemme interpret: training was a crapshoot.


The duathlon 1.5 run 11.5 ride & 2.5 run.

I started with a 2 mile run first which went way better than I imagined.  Before I had thoughts of me laying on the side of the road next to a sleeping raccoon before I even started.  Way to be positive J.


I used the back of the SUV for my transition station.  My sweet husband loaded my bike in the back for me.  #itsthelittlethings


The run went really well- better than I expected!

Then this is where I became distraught and started questioning if my life was over.  My Garmin died.

I hit the transition button to switch to biking and it powered off.  After punching pressing the power button several times, it came back on.  But when I pressed any button it powered off again.

I am in mourning.

But the MapMyRun app saved the day.  My life would certainty be over if I didn’t know my exact mileage & time.  I’m sure of it.


I’m guessing my run time was 2 miles in around 18:30.

The ride went well too.  I stopped for water at the halfway point and was reminded how much I drink when I workout.


Here’s a little pre-death tutorial on how to set the dinosaur Garmin 305 for multi workouts specific to your needs.  For example if I wanted to do a run-ride-run brick workout, you can preload it.

Go to training, then auto multisport.


Use the arrow buttons on the side to navigate and preload the sports of your choice.  Go back to the home page and you’re ready to go.


To switch sports simply press the lap button.  Transition will automatically be preloaded.

I came home and popped Kramp Krushers while waiting for my Nuun to dissolve.  If you love lemon & salt and want to marry it like I do, these babies are made for you.


I played Suzi freaking homemaker all afternoon.  I went grocery shopping and prepped a couple meals for the week.  I even made cinnamon raisin bread from scratch.  Who am I?


And because I’m an overachiever I got in a round of strength training in my Skora Running shoes.  I thought I was really out of shape when I started using them to strength train in a couple weeks ago.  But turns out since they are minimalist shoes with a zero drop, they offer less stability which works muscles regular shoes typically don’t.  Boom!


Do you meal plan for the week?  If so, what are some of your favorite easy meals?

Not typically, but I’m really happy when I do.  I boiled eggs, made fresh guac, premade salads with lunch meat & cheese and baked a loaf of bread.  I also like to have fresh fruit to grab & go.

Do you rock minimalist shoes?  Or kicks with a drop?  What are your thoughts?

Duathlon & tri friends, please share your quick transition secrets!


8 Comments on “Brick workout & a Garmin watch multisport tutorial

  1. I am scared to death to take the plunge with minimalist shoes. I am interested to see how you like Skora shoes. I have been reading a lot about them and emailed back and forth with them a little, but still haven’t made the purchase. (However, I asked some questions on twitter and they were so helpful with providing links to help me out… so the company gets an A+ in my book already).

    • I was scared too, especially with my foot injuries in the past. I’m very slowly introducing them. I’ve only been walking and strength training in them. Let me know if you do decide to give them a try. I’m curious about your thoughts.

  2. Minimalist shoes FTW! I love my zero drops but also go with 3mm and 4mm. All good 🙂

    Best transition tip…THINK IT OUT. Put things in the proper order (helmet, unstrapped, sunglasses, etc). Cheap piece of gear that will save you time…elastic laces. Lock Laces seems to be the big brand. Also, make sure your bike is already in the proper gear to start…you don’t want to be too high or low and have to mess around, you just want to get going.

    Now when you have 30-second transitions you know who to thank!

    • Okay Mr Overachiever, 30 second transitions!?
      And great thinking on making sure the bike is in the right gear. Consider that noted. Thanks as always for your great advise friend!

  3. 1. I am glad I am not the only person who uses the phrases “farted around” in that way.

    2. I am a semi minimalist shoe person, Saucony Kinvara’s, and race in Saucony A5’s.

    3. Transition tip- Put your helmet on top of your handlebars in transition with everything you need IN it. (bike gloves, sunglasses, gels, whatever) it makes it harder to forget something. My other transition tip is PRACTICE, something that made me feel much more comfortable before Du’s/tris was practicing transitions. Set up a fake transition area in the yard or something. Or even after a bike ride, get off and practice switching shoes and stuff quickly. The more you do it the easier it will get.

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