You are really annoying me

For some reason you are really annoying me today.

Yup, I said those exact words to Mike on our way home from lunch yesterday.

He laughed and I can’t remember what he said but, I dig that he just accepts the fact that I don’t feel the need to sugarcoat how I’m feeling.  And he’s free to tell me when I’m annoying him.  And that boy does!  He keeps me in line. 

Anyway back to lunch.  We had sammiches at Ikes.  Local’s go here!  You will thank me for giving awesome advise.


They have these vintage lunch pails hanging on the wall which had us reminiscing about the shows we watched growing up.  Mike & I have an age gap, but we seemed to watch some of the same shows.


The Mork & Mindy brought back memories of my mom cooking dinner right before my dad came home from work.  I remember her excitement over the show, but looking back now, I think she was just trying to divert my attention over it so I’d stop bugging her.  You think I’m joking…


Other shows I remember are Green Acres, Mr. Ed, Batman, Rainbow Brite & Care Bears. Mike thinks it’s weird I didn’t grow up watching Disney movies as he grew up watching every Disney movie growing up.

After lunch I dropped Mike off and took my grumpy butt to get a pedicure.


Anyone else love a good pedi?  Man, they are the best.

We were having a plumbing issue, so I rolled our piggy bank while the repair man was fixing it. 


Mike despises change, so he tosses it into a jar.  Well the jar is almost overflowing so I decided to roll it.  Bonus points for feeding into my OCD tendency’s. 

I’m off to ride before it get’s windy.  I am sure riding into the wind is equal to hill training.  It’s legit.

What show’s/movies did you grow up watching?

Do you save change?  If so, do you use it for something special?

Hill training:  Love ‘em, hate ‘em or don’t care?


8 Comments on “You are really annoying me

  1. I totally had a Cabbage Patch Kids lunch box! But, I grew up watching all of the Nickelodeon classics, as well as Family Ties, Different Strokes, Facts of Life, Punky Brewster, Pee Wee’s Playhouse…should I continue? lol

  2. I wish I saved change so I would have some money, the thing is I NEVER have cash on me. I pay for everything with my debit card so I don’t ever have change. We do keep a little change in our car for when we travel home and need it for tolls. Hill training and I have a love/hate relationship!

    • I’m with you on the debit card. The hus prefers cash. Living in the bay area, I always had quarters. Can you believe one quarter buys you 9 minutes of parking in the City?! Insane.

  3. Grew up watching TMNT, Care Bears, She Ra, ThunderCats, HeMan, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pnies and every single Disney movie and cartoon after school programs {Gummi Bears, Rescue Rangers etc} . PeeWee, The Muppets, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers. . . soooo much TV memories.

    I have a piggy bank that needs some attending to as well. Coins need to be rolled. I’m just waiting until it is completely full 😉

  4. Love the vintage lunch boxes on the wall! I had a Strawberry Shortcake one when I was little. My husband is six years older than me, so he remembers some shows better than I do, but we did like a lot of the same shows.

    I loved Mr. Ed, and I was obsessed with the Care Bears as a kid! I had a Care Bear, Care Bear sheets, blanket and sleeping bag! I loved the Disney Princess movies as a kid too.

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