Late to the party

I’m up extra early today to work a golf tournament.  I am loving the energy of the event so far and can’t wait to work it.  Although I wouldn’t really call what I do work.

Anyway ever since I heard that Nuun was discontinuing my favorite flavor, watermelon I’ve made a mental note to stock up for the winter.  Y’all should have seen my eyes light up when I saw all of this loot.


I want to hug the marketing genius who put two of my favorite brands right next to each other.

I picked up a Strawberry-Lemonade Nuun to try. 

And by the way the watermelon Sharkies are heaven if you dig watermelon as much as I do.


Here’s what was really going on behind the scenes of this delicious photo shoot.


I am such a sucker for the Bam.  He is not allowed on the bed, but I kinda feel bad not being able to hang with this knucklehead as much so I put a blanket over the bed and he’s happily sleeping right next to me as I type this. 

Which basically means I am risking my marriage by having him up here.  I think I can take Mike.  Winking smile



I keep seeing all of the cool kids posting about sweat pink and started to feel left out.  I’m late to the party, but very stoked to be a sweat pink ambassador! 



And because no post would be complete without a schweet shot from work.  I’d feel bad not sharing my office pic of the day with you guys.  I’d just be wrong.


What is your favorite flavor’s? 

Watermelon & lemonade.

Any sweat pink ambassador friends out there?

Do you allow pets on the bed?


8 Comments on “Late to the party

  1. Oooh, you are always taunting me with that Watermelon flavour that I looked for all summer and couldn’t find it so have yet to try it! My favorite so far, is the Grape but I have not tried all the flavours!
    Your office view is pretty sweeeet!
    Hope you have a great day at the office today!

  2. Better late than never! Welcome to Sweat Pink! I’ve never tried Nuun, but I tend to like citrus type flavors when it comes to things like energy chews.

    I don’t have a pet yet, but I don’t think I would let them on the bed. I’d make sure that they had a nice comfy spot nearby though.

  3. Jackson, my almost 8 (Halloween is his birthday) year old Jack Russell, is allowed on the bed. I am such a sucker, I tuck him in when my fiance gets to stay in bed longer than me and I know he will stay on the bed. Haha! Lucky for me my fiance loves Jackson just as much, so he allows my shinanigans!

  4. Everyone is allowed on the bed. 3 cats and the dog. Usually 2 of the cats sleep elsewhere when Eric is home, but Chloe likes snuggling up to both of us. Lando has his bed by my side and occasionally jumps up to join us. It gets pretty crowded on our full.

    Congrats on being Sweat Pink ambassador!

    i need to stock up on my watermelon Nuun. And I have just discovered Sharkie’s. awesome.

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