Breaking Bam: cheesy title

Bam is not our first Jack Russell and wont be the last. Bo was our first Jack, and he’s the reason why we have Bam today. Bo was so fun and energetic (until he got old & grumpy) which I loved so much. I told Mike we will always have a Jack, so when we lost Bo, a couple months later we adopted Bam from a Jack Russell rescue. We will always look for rescue dogs, I don’t have to tell you why.  Here is where we found both Bo & Bam.


If you have a Jack or know one, chances are you’ve noticed they are a highly energetic, intelligent, motivated breed. Bam is no exception, hence this picture from the other night.


Mr. one track mind was told to stop digging for gophers 6 times. Six! This is is “oh snap, I just got busted” face. The breed is frustrating sometimes, they just won’t quit, but that kind of laser focus is why they are so highly trainable. They are so smart, and have incredible personalities if you can find what motivates them, you will teach them just about anything.

So this 30 day challenge is perfect for us as I am pretty sure Bam doesn’t have an off button.


When I found out about the Purina Pro Plan fitness group page, I couldn’t wait to sign up for their 30 day challenge.

Here are the deets about the fitness group page:


Exercising is more fun when your dog comes along. So grab the leash, watch him jump for joy, and head out for a walk or run. Do it 30 days in a row to get your chance at a year’s supply of Purina® Pro Plan® Dog Food. You can also win daily rewards, and qualify for additional prizes for reaching milestones along the way.

Over the last year, Bam has been on quite a few adventures. He saw the Golden Gate Bridge.


Hiked to see Mavericks in Half Moon Bay.


Chilled out with me after an afternoon of fetch at the off leash beach in Avila Beach and so much more, I don’t have the space to list.


Now that we’re in the Monterey area, I can’t wait to explore more with my furry BFF. Every day I go to work, I see the off leash dog beach in Carmel and I just know he will love it there. That’s our next adventure for sure!

If you’re interested in joining the cool kids, sign up here and start logging your daily walk or run with your pup. It’s free and bonus points: you’ll be entered to win prizes! The challenge starts today, 9/30 and runs through 11/13.

After 2 straight hours of playing fetch in the ocean, cold & tired…


Maybe he does have an off button after all?


Purina® ProPlan® has partnered with MapMyFitness and created the Purina® ProPlan® Fitness Group Page to get pet owner’s more active with their dogs. Check out the Fitness Group page here and start getting active with your dog today!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina® ProPlan® . The opinions and text are all mine.

8 Comments on “Breaking Bam: cheesy title

  1. I tell my husband the same thing – as soon as our Jack goes, we are going to rescue another one because I just love them so much. It’s funny you should post this since I just went on a run with both of our dogs today and my Jack ran off and I couldn’t find her for 15 minutes! But in the end I do love running with them. Nothing beats them running full speed with that happy look on their faces.

    • Oh geezzz sounds just like a Jack. I’m so happy you found your pup this morning.
      And I totally agree with that happy look on their faces. Priceless for sure!

  2. I love this post so much! We enjoy taking our dogs to the off-leash beach as well, and of course make sure they get their daily walks in 😉

  3. I LOOOOVE me some terriers, but they are certainly not for everyone. I have two Cairn terriers (Toto dogs), and they’re crazy! I love that about them, but I can understand that some may want a more easy going dog…though I don’t know why!

  4. Thank you for posting the link for the rescue!! I have written you about Jackson, and we have been looking to find him a special friend! He has always had a friend, and when our other Jack Russell passed from an unfortunate event, we have waited to find another Jack Russell. I am excited, been eating clean for a few months, and I needed the inspiration to get moving, well the 30 day is perfect!!
    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Love this! We are all so in love with our adopted boxer. We have loved boxers after getting to know our neighbors’ who lived next to us for four years. When we decided to start looking for a dog a few months ago, we began by checking out our local no-kill shelter. We weren’t looking for a boxer specifically, just a perfect for us dog. And we found her a month ago! And she just happens to be a boxer. We couldn’t be happier! She has brought us so much joy. I don’t know why her former owner gave her up, but I am so grateful that they did.

    Stella the Boxer loves to go with us, when we can take her. She goes with me everyday to pick up or drop off my youngest daughter at cross country practice. She loves to visit my parents house. She enjoys watching the bus pick up/drop off the girls each day. And the kids on the bus all love watching for her! She’s become quite the attraction.

    We joined the challenge!

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