Get ready to sweat

I’m getting really excited about the Mermaid Du this weekend!! 

Yesterday I got in a solid brick workout.  I hopped on the bike first and then went for a run.


If you’ve ever done a tri or du, then you know transitioning from the bike to run is tough.  My legs felt tight and heavy, but they got the memo about a half mile in where I was finally in my element.   

Because I am a giant nerd, I came home to study the Mermaid cycling course map, which isn’t too bad.  I remember that killer hill just before mile 4 from last year.  It will work you over, but the scenery takes your mind off the feeling of death & sadness.  Or seeing a chick yack on the side of the road.  #sonotfun

13_Maps_MTDC_Sprint_Bike_Course.jpg  1056×714

I was dealing with fatigue yesterday, so maybe that’s why I came to the realization that it takes me forever just to get ready to sweat.  I’m curious if this is normal?

My pre workout routine:

I use a cleansing towelette to clean my mug.  I have oily skin that tends to breakout so I do this before I apply sunscreen.


Tame the fun with a BIC Band.    I freaking love these babies!  They don’t budge at all and are super cute.  I wear these for almost everything from a half marathon, cycling or when I don’t want to do my hair.  Which means 99.9999% of my life. 

I use the thick headbands on the left to keep my hair dry while in the shower post workout.  I wash my hair every night-I can’t stand dirty hair.  Does that make me weird?  #dontanswerthat


The basics: Put on pit stuff (as Mike calls it) & sunscreen.   


Of course put on workout gear, headphones, Garmin, shoes & socks, iFitness belt and whatever I need. 

For someone who likes to keep things simple, this seems like a lot of work.

How do you get ready to sweat?

What do you do with your hair while working out?

When running I put it in a high bun and headband.  For cycling I rock a low pony with a braid and headband.


8 Comments on “Get ready to sweat

  1. I have to wash my hair basically every day it just gets a ‘too greasy kind of look’ to keep going longer. I have gone every other day lately and it isn’t too bad but I can only do that on days that I did not work out, if I work out, man I sweat a lot, I would definitely be a grease ball then!

  2. I always do a high ponytail and braid my hair with a bic band. If i don’t braid my hair it gets super knots that take forever to comb out.

  3. If I can I try to wash my face to get all the makeup off and mentally start getting myself ready.

    I am huge advocate of the BIC Band as well! They are amazing and the company is pretty amazing as well! I hate any hair in my face when I am working out or running.

  4. I have to wash my hair daily- I legitimately cant stand the feel of dirty hair and I also have super oily glands so mine gets insta-greasy especially after workout.

    I’m slowly learning more things to do with my hair while running/working out. Pretty much always a headband–but other than that i’ve been experiementing. I am growing my hair out and this is the longest it has been in a few years. It’s not even that long yet but I know that taming it makes it easier afterwards….humidity is killer- I get HUGE knots. I have been doing a lot of braids lately.

    Good luck this weekend at the Du, can’t wait to read all about it!

  5. I just noticed your Mizuno Wave Rider 16s in aqua! I tried to hard to find those but they were out of stock when I bought mine. Love them, so adorable!

  6. My pre-run routine almost feels like a workout because I have so many things to do and remember to get before heading out the door. Guys have it so easy!

    I always pull my hair back in a ponytail for a run. If I haven’t worked out, I may skip washing my hair (depending on how it looks), but I always wash it after a workout no matter what.. I just couldn’t stand it if I didn’t.

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