When your best just sucks

Yesterday sucked. 

You know those days that start out on the wrong foot and get worse.  You do your best to turn it around, stay positive, focus on all of the good things and then wind up taking a bubble bath and in bed eating Cherry Blasters while watching a chick flick with your dog before 9:00 pm. 


Somehow I am totally okay with this.

But, today is a new day!

Chicken Little Wallpapers 01

Let’s talk about the super awesome mail day I had last week! 

My long distance BFF’s sent a care package.  They are so sweet & thoughtful-thank you friends!!


From top left to right: a sweet card saying I don’t have to share my treats with Mike ;).  You know he’s eyeing the nail polish & lip gloss.  

Hot Apple Pie candle that I want to take a bite out of, Starbucks True North blend I have never seen in Cali (!) bonus points, it’s my new fav, gift card to the ’Bucks, Essie nail polish in Devil’s Advocate & Pure Pearfection and Victoria Secret shiny lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop.

I’ve never tired Essie nail polish before, but have always wondered what the big hype is so I can’t wait to try it and find out.

Check out Michelle’s massive Essie collection!!

cheaprunnermichelle on Instagram

Look at them, already making friends!!


Any Essie fans out there?  What’s your favourite colour?  <-said in my new Canadian accent.  Winking smile

How do you relax after a rough day? 

Make me laugh, what was the last thing that made you laugh until you cried?


3 Comments on “When your best just sucks

  1. I LOVE Essie! Fave color is Demure Vixen, ladylike, but with a hint of playfulness.

    I relax with a glass of wine and a book, or maybe a movie, but usually a book.

    My 2.5 yr old makes me laugh every day. Lately it’s every time she says “flying backwards” on the swing, because it totally sounds like F’ing Bastards. I get some cranky looks from the other parents as I’m laughing my a$$ off!

  2. Nice, you spelled favourite with a ‘U’ just for us, eh? Thanks ya hoser.

    BY THE WAY, only half that rack is Essie…I think Michelle has more stashed somewhere though, or has perhaps bought more since that pic was taken??

    I love to relax after a rough day with a cold beer in the hot tub with my hot wife

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