Another fun IBS update {I hope you are sensing my sarcasm}

Good morning!!

I woke up feeling really good this morning.  Maybe it’s because I have the day off with no timelines or place to be.  Or maybe it’s because I’m on my second cup of coffee and looking forward to a little shopping, catching up around the house and going for a run.

Mike is sitting here next to me saying that I talk too much, and to shut up……..not gonna happen!


I’m not sure if y’all care to read about another GI update, if not I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow.  Whatever that means.  Winking smile

I met with my new GI specialist for the second time last week.  I really like my new doc, he’s easy to talk to and understand.  Major bonus points for his minimalistic treatment approach and working closely with me to make medical decisions together.

Test results:

We went over my blood test results which came back normal with mild inflammation of the liver, which just means it’s lacking an enzyme.  He’s not too worried about it since it’s pretty common and most of the time goes unnoticed.  #winning 


After looking at previous test results over the last year and the new one’s he ordered he agrees with the IBS-C diagnosis.  In a nutshell this condition is caused by hyper sensitive nerves in the intestines.  It’s a party I tell ya. 

I actually feel better having a second opinion even though I agreed with the initial diagnosis.

2013-10-06 11.34.13-2


This was the toughest part for me.  We spent the bulk of our time discussing options and answering my million & 1 questions.  I was really hoping to control it  by making adjustments to my diet.  Finding a balance with eating healthy on a low fiber diet is like ordering a double cheese burger and fries with a diet Coke.   

After discussing options, he recommended a new drug.  It’s so new, he’s only had 4 patients try it.  So far they have all responded really well with minimal, if any side effects.  After a lot of back & forth and discussing other options I decided to give it a try.

Of course it’s less than ideal for me, but I feel like I need to put a little trust in modern medicine and give it a try.   

I will also be scaling back on long distance running.  Don’t you worry, I will still be doing what I love, just on a smaller scale.   

No mention of cutting out coffee was discussed, so the world shall live, for now…….

Since this post is hard to ask questions (ha!) please tell me 5 small goals you would like to work on this week.

Organization, strength train, run 3 days, hydration & meal prep for the week.


7 Comments on “Another fun IBS update {I hope you are sensing my sarcasm}

  1. That’s good you feel comfortable with your new doctor and got a second opinion. 🙂

    5 goals: survive (serious stomach issues since yesterday morning. bleh) try to eat something, paint/finish commission, stretch, sleep

  2. What med did your dr give you? Just curious because I have this really rare collagenous colitis and my dr put me on a brand new drug, uceris. I’ve been on it 2 months and have done almost a complete 180 with how much it has helped! I hope your med works for you!

  3. I’m glad you got a second opinion and now have some options on how to move forward. It may take time but I have faith you will find the best way for YOU to deal with this, sending positive thoughts your way!

    5 goals this week for me: Track ALL my food, build my running base back up (run 4 times), Spin twice, Send out thank you cards to people, Clean my home office!

  4. I would like to know if you still have ibs now ? Because I had it too and I wiuld like to know your long experience about it.

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